Grind pedals-DX problem

On my DX, ive never really tried grinding on it. When I unscrew the tips in the pedal all but 4 come out in the middle of the pedal,there is no way to unscrew these 4. Is there someone who knows what to do?

You cant unscrew them. Get new pedals. Or just grind them down.

yeah. If you want really good pedals for grinding, get plastics. plastics are good for ledges, and rails, but metals work just fine on rails/

yea I have plastic ones, do they really work, ive never tried them out. Do you need wax to grind stuff, or can you do it dry?

well it depends. for cement and metal, you dont need wax. if it is wood you might, depending on how pointyy your pedals are.

I’m asumming you grind with your pedal.

yes. Should i use sandpaper and smooth out my plastic pedal?

well, doing alot of grinds smooths it out real quick

make sure you make one side of the pedal so that that is the side that get grinded on, or you’ll end up with a completely slick pedal.

So can you not grind at all with metal pedals that all the pegs dont come out of?

If you get a grindplate you can grind with any pedals. I made one out of a plastic cutting board and it works fine. You can also buy them from I think.

On my DX pedals, from all the pedal grabs and stuff, it jammed the pins in the pedals, and I couldnt get most of them out. I think I only got 2 out. lol

I just grabbed a file and filed the pins down, until the pedal was completely smooth. Worked perfect, then I got a free grindplate and put that on, which made it even better. I broke that pedal with a rolling hop, cause it to brake in 3 pieces. =p

Now, I have Kona Jackshits, and from doing lots of pedal grabs, I have knocked out all but 3 of the pins on one side of the pedal. I use that to grind with, and it works pretty good. Ill make a grind plate for it soon.

All my grinds have been on cement ledges, and some rails, but mainly on waxed ledges.

I dont suggest the lexan/ cutting board grind plates

they are really thick, and cause your pedal grabs to be messed up soemtimes.

they are also really anoying for street stuff because you always land crankflips and unispins on the side of the pedal that has the grindplate, causing you to fall off.

If I remember right, when I got my DX the 4 pegs in the middle were almost level with the main body of the pedal. I don’t know for sure because I took them off as soon as I got the uni. Just take a dremel tool and grind them down, it should be soft enough metal not to cause any real trouble.

I don’t suggest listening to him.

My dad has this one thing, you hit it with a hammer, and unscrews things automatically, makes it impossible to screw up the screws lol, and they always come out.

Really cool thing.

Haha, it is called stripping the threads. It is really cool if you want to ruin your pedals.

Grind plates suck. Just like what Miles said, if you are doing unispins or crankflips you land on the grind plate all the time. It is pretty annoying. Plastic pedals are the best for street (well not big street).

thats an impact driver by the way

bye bye

i grind just fine with my metal snafus

or u could invest in the butterfly pedals and take out the pins on one side, or as many as you would like…and tada you got a very smooth pedal…

Impact driver thingy, it is made so you dont end up stripping the threads.