Grind House

I have officially crossed over into what had been unknown territory to me, especially for somebody almost 57…GRINDING! I sessioned all day on my new grind rail, which is “capsule” shaped so it has round edges, which makes it a bit harder to stay on it compared to a flat bar. Anyway, I really want to try hand rails next!!! Is that just to insane for me? I’d appreciate any tips on trying that from the young riders who can probably grind hand rails in their sleep! :smiley:

Hope you like this and let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

(PS: Videos don’t seem to imbed anymore. :frowning: )

You are an inspiration to the rest of us old guys. Gonna have to get a real Trials Uni.

Awesome Job on the rail. It looks like you are ready to stick the rail half on the sidewalk and half in the street. Or down a small 1,2 stair case.

Couple of questions because the kids on my block are advancing quickly. I have a square skate rail. How did you decide how high to make the rail. I’m guessing a couple of inches higher then your cranks parallel to the ground? Also which pedals are you using? Do they have metal or plastic pegs. Does it matter.

Oh and another question regarding your Sixsixone Rampage knee/shin guards. I just purchased some in large and on the first ride I noticed them sliding 1/2 way down the knee. I’m only 5’-8" but am wondering if I should have gotten the XL. I also notice that if I pull them up where I believe they should be that my lower shin looks pretty exposed. Any thoughts on sizing.


Have you tried pedal grinds yet? I haven’t hit a hand rail yet and pedal grinding say a plastic bench is my favorite type of grind.

Thanks Greg, my riding buddy Casey got me motivated to try it, and it seems to e quite addicting! :slight_smile:

Thanks Gear, I like the idea of starting on a curb and progressing to stairs. My rail is adjustable from 10-19", which is great since I will be doing a 36er grind soon! My pedals are Odyssey twisted platics which I think are among the best for grinding.

I wear kh percussion leg armor and also 661 4x4. I had bought a pair of rampage knee/shin but didn’t like them at all! No adjustment so they just slid and shifted all over and can not be put on or taken off wth shoes on!

Haven’t tried pedal grinds since I’m still getting used to ginding with pedals and cranks, which give me much more stability. I find it very difficult to balance and keep the pedals horizontal unless the crank is also on the rail. My next step will be to start grinding down a curb, then a s stair, and work my way up to a ow handrail.