grind help?

ok. so i’ve searched. I haven’t found any good suggestions on grinding. Seeming as i may hop into town tomorrow, i might want to learn to grind. It looks cool.

take the pins out of your grinding pedal… if your hiting a handrail lean a bit foward… a falt rail be flat and maybe a bit backwards… ride pretty fast into flat rails also… I say start with a ledge it’s easyer…

I second what Max says and try to hop toward the ledge or rail and not on it, I mean hop forward on to it so you slide better and don’t just plop down on it. Go fast and don’t scare yourself…grinding rails is alot harder mentally than phsically.

Don’t jump onto the rail. Jump into the rail. Be the rail. There is no spoon.

It works best if you try to slide into the rail rather than land on it at high speeds and hope for the best. It’s hard, but try to only jump as high as you need to to land on the rail/ledge. It makes it much smoother.

Other than that, it just takes practice. And it helps to grind something that is slightly slanted.

I dont agree…if u jump only 1 cm over a rlly waxed rail when you’ll hit it you’ll fly back… and I kno from experience

Grinding is actually pretty easy if you can find a good ledge and set your pedal up to be as frictionless as possible on it. Go into a college or city area and look for a ledge that has been used by skaters. They are black on the corner from dino damage and wax. Take the pins out of the bottom of your grinding pedal.

Ride quickly at the ledge and do a quick rolling hop on. Note that if you hop too high above the ledge you will have too much downwards speed and not enough forwards speed when you hit the ledge and will stop. You want to try to hop just high enough to hit the ledge so you have no downwards force and all forwards force. Otherwise you will stop dead. Land with the crank and try to reduce friction by leaning away from the crank slightly and pulling up on the seat to take weight off. Try this and you will get a grind in like 10 tries.

Edit: You’ll figure out how to hop out…its easy, when you stop you hop off.

so is takin the studs out essential for grinding rails?
and how do you grind flat ledges cos my uni just seems to stop although ive never tried wax

Go fast. Yeah the pins need to come out or it just eats in to what your grinding. Are you stopping because you have pins still in your pedals?

Igrind wiht pins… you wont grind if you are leaning foward on a flat ledge… you need a bit of back leaning to you get a “boost” to start off with…

Yeah, I sorta hang my grinding leg back… and push it forward.

I lean really far back and pull up on the seat a ton. I actually lean towards my grinding foot (I grind left crank back) and just allow my leaning back to keep the uni moving forwards.

I just tend to crank stall when I try to grind anything other than an actual grind rail or box - should I use wax and if so what kind?
Thanks for all the help

Waxing the rail or ledge really helps. I just take a cheap candle and rub it on the rail/ledge.

you can go to a skate shop and buy wax. If u go 2 a skate shop you should just buy the biggest/most inexpensive thing they have. Personally, I go to the 99cent store and they usually have alot more for alot less.


I just learned to grind the other day. My favorite part was what I did it on. I took a broken lightpost, propped it up on a big cement circle and a broken cinder block that I stole from a job site about ten feet away. It’ll be in the video I’m working on, it looked so damn cool.