[/GrinD AnD FlaT/] Feburary 2010

This is my latest video. I’ve been riding for about 9 and a half months. some landings in this video are quite sketchy, but it doesn’t bother me a whole lot. Enjoy. Rate and Comment. :smiley:

Nice vid, I enjoyed it. Nice rail and 540 unispin bail!! You should probably ride with your seat a bit higher, IMO.

Awesome, man. Putting your seat up a little higher would help a lot for flat. Looks like you have a lot of snap on those backflips… Nicesauce.

Yeah i’ve been told that a few times. how much higher do you think? is a lot of snap on the backflips a good thing?

welcome to the team to u also by the looks of it.

low seats ftw! way better for street. higher would b better for flatland… but y the hell would u choose flatland over street? haha

nice rail at the start!

yeah, thanks. yeah i find it a lot easier to do unispins and stuff with lower seats. but rolls it’s a bit harder. i enjoy learning lots of new tricks, so i just go outside and practise them on the flat ground.

Well, I could decide to not tell you, which would force you to keep doing street. Hehe.
But I’d say to put it up so it’s around your waist, or if you wanna look kinda weird but still make rolls easier, put it up so that when you do a rolling wrap, you’re passing the seat directly behind your back :roll_eyes:
And yes, having a lot of snap on backflips is awesome. It’ll probably make tricks like doublebacks, hickbacks, outbacks, triplebacks (?) a lot easier for you.

At first I was like you (proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg94kR2Y2p4 )

Same with Shaun J. and Krisz Kovacs. We all eventually raised our seat. Looks better, more comfy, doesn’t kill your back.

I have my seat so that I can have my feet flat on the ground when I’m sitting on it and the riding I do is similar to what you do. But it’s personal preference, you just gotta try different heights and see what works for you.