Hello everybody!! We are an small brand from Sevilla(Spain), We start to handcraft some crazy bikes, recycled and new. We are very into the circus, and unicycling here in spain, so we decided to make something that you could mix the best of all this “worlds”, then, a really good unicyclist and circus artist came up with the idea of bring back the STC (super trick cycle) that the german brand Brückl comercialized in the 80’s. And we did it, and maybe it’s no nice to say it, but we did it better,for example you can separate the unycicle easily and fast :slight_smile: .so we’d like to show the results:

You can check this links to see more pictures and our friend and great “pilot” in action:

Enjoy it and share your thoughts with us. Thanks.

Great video I really enjoyed it.

The bike looks like it is fun and built well.

Good luck with your business venture.


Damn, that’s almost creepy.

I was checking out your STC and watched that video a couple days ago! Oh, that’s right, it was shared in the Trading post: kuwahara unicycle and super trick cycle

Great looking bike though, I’d love to give it a try.

I was looking for the picture where it’s taken apart and used as a unicycle - that seems to be missing or at least harder to find. You should do a version that clamps onto our existing 20" unicycles…

Wonderful video. Refreshingly artistic with excellent music and top-notch production. I enjoyed the ‘dreaminess’ of it and the performance was great.

Well done.

Wow, wonderful … amazing … I really like it!

We also have artistic cycling in our sports club and often made programms together with unicycle, giraffe and artistic cycling. But man … what you’re doing is the perfect symbiosis! Your doing all the artistic cycling tricks plus the unicycling tricks … great!