Greetings from Unicycle Museum

Or: More unicycles in advertising.

I was doing some searches to plan for the Black Hills Muni Weekend when I ended up at .

Staring me right in the face was a banner stating “Greetings from Unicycle Museum”. Turns out it was the first Flash frame of a Honda CR-V ad.

I’m really disappointed, I would have gone there.

if you want to see the rest of the ad

Heh, my mom has that exact model of car.

That is so cool!

Down below in the ad, they have the car going to the Ten Gallon Hat Restaurant. I’d like to go there too!

I can’t wait for us to have an official unicycle museum. Maybe I’ll start one in the garage.


SWF File for that Ad

I have about 40,000 banner ads from both 2003 and 2004 including that one banner ad. Please do not ban me for bumping this old topic I just want to contribute to it by offering the actual swf file of that banner ad. (18 KB)