Greetings from southern MN!

Mostly a lurker. Had an account here in the past under “Minnesota Slim,” but apparently the voter rolls have been purged.

Middle-aged guy, apparently having my second childhood. Saw lots of parade units from TCUC as a kid, Mpls. Aquatenniel and St. Paul Winter Carnival parades.

Giraffes were always my favorite! Now I look at the Nimbus Performer at 5 feet tall and think, “Man, that’s WAY up there!” :stuck_out_tongue:

Falling from great heights was never very appealing to me, but being in my 50’s, it’s less appealing than ever! :sunglasses:

EDIT: THANK YOU to canapin for getting me squared away with my old user name! :+1:


Welcome back!

To avoid confusion for fellow readers, I just merged the new account with the old one, hence this weird sentence in this context. :smile:


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