Greetings from Orange County, California!

Hey all,
My name is Alex. I’m 25 years old living in Tustin, California. I’ve been riding unicycles for about 15 years now. I learned to ride after seeing some incredible unicyclist on “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.” (Kris Holm maybe?)
When I was younger I was more interested in Trials and Muni riding. For the past couple years I’ve just been enjoying the ride and going for distance/exercise. I’m on my fourth unicycle right now, I think it’s a Torker CX 24". I picked it up from Craigslist a couple years ago. It’s a lot of fun but it certainly has its limitations. The plan is to go big from here. If I don’t find a used 36er in the next month or two I’ll probably go for the UDC Titan.
I’m always looking for folks to ride with, anyone else live around here interested in meeting up?


Alex, welcome to the forum.

There are regular group rides in the LA/OC area. Mostly muni and flatland group events. There is occasionally a 36er ride along the beach bike path. The dad of one of our riders runs the email list. That’s your best bet for hooking up with local riders.

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