Greetings from Japan

Greetings from Japan.

Hello of all the wold unicyclists!
I am just studing English . If I’m wrong, Please teach me correct English.
Please question me, if you want to know about a Japanese unicycle.

However, since writing also to reading English also takes time, a reply may be overdue.

This is an announcement from MYS SHOP ONLINE which I have helped.

Important information
Thank you very much for using MYS SHOP ONLINE.
CGI of MYS SHOP ONLINE is under renewal at present.
It is scheduled to restore within the limit of Jan. 20. At present, only E-mail is avaiable to order. We appreciate you for your understanding and cooperati on.

Hiroshi Masuda

If you want to question, Please ask him .

Thank you .

Yuichiro Kato