Greetings from Iraq & Other Aimless Ramblings

First of all, thanks to all of you. You taught me how to ride and where and what to buy as well as techniques for various skills. This is my first post after lurking for about a year. I got my first unicycle last Christmas and now have several, including 3 Torkers, a Sun 28”, and a Radial. I feel like I know many of you and have thoroughly enjoyed the posts.

I’m deployed here in Baghdad and have recently received a Torker 20” to play with. I’ve posted some unique pictures of unicycling in Iraq for your viewing pleasure. They’re in a gallery under my username (I hope I did it right). BTW kudos to BicycleSource.US. I know they get a bad rap from a lot of folks, but they’ve been great with me. I’ve ordered 4 unicycles from them. Free shipping delivered to Hickam AF Base, Hawaii (my normal station) and usually delivered within a week. I ordered one for delivery to Iraq – free shipping with delivery after only 11 days – I couldn’t expect better service.

This morning I was walking the unicycle to my pick-up point and a Lieutenant Colonel I know said he wanted a demo, so of course I acquiesced. I was in full body armor, helmet, sidearm, and backpack. I mounted and then immediately “dismounted” face first. Of course there was a large Iraqi audience, and he had the pleasure of later telling some of my work buddies. I haven’t seen it yet, but I know there must be a huge bruise on my thigh from landing on my sidearm – ouch. Later we went to the firing range where the pictures were taken.

I know there is at least one other unicycle in Iraq (I’ve read with interest Duke’s postings). BTW, Duke if you ever pass through Baghdad, we’ll have to ride, though I won’t be able to keep up with your Coker. I’m curious to see if there are others. Like I said, this is a ramble. Thanks again to all of you for all the advise!

Ashley’s father is leaving mid-January for several weeks of training before shipping out for a duty station on the Iraq-Kuwait border. His Naval Reserve unit was recently activated. He doesn’t ride but supported our club for several years as his kids learned to ride.

I know of at least two others that were in Iraq last year. One is originally from Washington State. I think it was something like Bombsquad and Kraze. Do a search and you should be able to find some pics as well. More Uni’s in Iraq than some towns in the US.:slight_smile:

Hey SirArnald, can you post some pics of you on full gear riding your Torker? That would be one cool photo!
Be safe and come back in one piece!

Here’s a link that should work:

That is really cool to see you all in yr gear on a uni. :slight_smile:

Hey SirArnold,

Great pictures and glad to see that their is another uni rider in Iraq. I have not ridden with anything but the Army PT gear. As is, I weigh 215 lbs, with all of my gear I would probably break my unis.

The offer goes both ways, if you get up to FOB Speicher, let me know (VoIP) 673 -0031. I was at FOB Danger for a month and took my 24" Torker on the UH-60 flight there. I got some funny looks from the crew when they saw the wheel strapped to my MOLLE pack.

One of the guys I work with has just gone on R&R and I am working 12 hour shifts for the next three weeks. I come to work when it is dark and go back to my CHU when it is dark, no opportunity to ride. It really sucks because I have ridden the Coker only twice thus far.

I also have a 5’ Giraffe Torker at home. I had that shipped to Kosovo when I was there. Now that was a lot of fun. It will stay at home, my CHU is getting rather crowded with the 24" and Coker as is.

Those photos are great, especially the ones with the Saddam heads!
You should post some of them in the Best Uni Photos thread.
Hope you and Duke stay safe and get plenty of riding time in while you are out there.

My office partner suggests the title of this picture “The Poor Man’s Hum-V” especially with the V sign of your fingers.

Iraq Unicycling

Thanks for your comments. One of the reasons I wanted a uni was to get some UNIque photos. I don’t get to ride very much. Our “weekend” is Friday mornings til 1:00. The other days we work well into the evening, so I’m pretty much limited to Friday morning rides. I ride much more conservatively than normal here. I’d never live it down if I had to be sent back home because of a uni accident.

I Liked the “poor-man’s HUM-V” suggestion. There used to be 3 complete Saddam heads there, but now only 1 and a half. I guess they’re destroying them?

Duke, I work in MNSTC-I J-8 (Finance) at Phoenix Base walking distance from the Embassy. DSN 852-1479 if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

Catch you later, SirArnold