Greetings from Brooklyn

Hello all…I am really new to unicycling.

About two weeks ago I made the mistake of wasting $100 on a Cyclepro unicycle being sold in a Manhattan bike shop. The thing is a piece of crap. The pedals each fell off within three days of purchase and the nut to adjust the seat somehow got stripped so I was forced to saw off the bolt completely and replace it. Also, the seat is extremly uncomfortable. It also seems to wobble and feels very unstable. Though I suspect this is due to the cheap cranks it may be just because I’m learning to ride the damn thing so that might be normal…?

I am wondering a few things…is it really more difficult to learn to ride on a cheaper unicycle? My instinct has been telling me the answer is, yes!

I am thinking of junking the Cyclepro and investing in a Torker…The cost of a CX seems to be about $100…the DX is $110…is there any difference between these two models? I really like the way the CX comes in orange, so I’m leaning towards that model unless there is a strong reason to go with the LX. The last thing I wish to do is waste more money.

I imagine there are several threads that already address some of these issues…if so, can you please point me to them?

Your feedback is appreciated.


Re: Greetings from Brooklyn

The LX is much better than the CX. From what I understand, the CX is
basically the little kid’s, beginner’s model. If it’s a decision
between the CX and LX, go with the LX. My two cents.


Yes go with the LX, Much better.

Yay for NYC unicycling,

From what you are describing, I assume that they put the wheel on backwards and the pedals untightened.

Regardless, cyclepros are crap. Go with the LX, best first uni ever.