Greetings From Brooklyn!

Two months ago I turned 60. Promised myself I’d try something I’d never done before. I ordered a 24” uni and assembled it within moments of finding the box at my door. Took it out the following day, and immediately realized it would be like learning to walk again. It seemed absolutely impossible. So, I stuck to 45 minutes a day, three days of falling on my face. … and then the breakthrough, a few feet forward, then a 10’ ride, then 50’, 100’, my first turn, then circles, then 2 mile rides.

I’m lucky enough to have Prospect Park nearby (also lucky not to have run over people, injured cyclists or killed any children while practicing freemounts). Within moments of finishing my first month I wanted to go faster & further and got a Nimbus 36”. Glad I began on the 24” because the 36” was a whole new animal. Terrified me the first time I tried to ride it, I was shaking with fear, and it took a few days to get over the awful feeling that I’d blundered by buying it, but this morning I had a nirvana moment, a smooth ride, riding in controlled circles, and easy mounts.

The only tricky part is doing long rides in Brooklyn. There are bike lanes and a river path, but this place is crowded, and unexpected dismounts are constant.

So, in spite of my wife’s constant ridicule (and the, oh, so many clown jokes), I’m having the time of my life, can’t wait to get out on this thing each morning, …and can’t really explain it to someone who hasn’t tried it. Can it be explained?

Or do the clown jokes go on forever???

Hello and thanks for sharing with us your enthusiasm!

Maybe you’re hooked on the:
adrenaline rush…

You might try finding some enjoyment and having fun while being part of the clown and circus jokes. Once people see they’re not getting under your skin and you have a few lines of your own to add they may no longer find their own lines as funny anymore.

I’ve learned to roll with the punches, take myself a little less seriously, whistle or hum “Entrance of the Gladiators”, and on occasion wear a big red nose.



Thanks Bungeejoe,
… Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against clowns, personally. It’s just the assumption that once you get on a unicycle the next step is juggling and swallowing ping-pong balls!

…Just happy riding.

For New Yorkers:

Also, the big uni weekend end of August, with the Friday ride from City Hall to Coney Island, full weekend of activities!

IMHO that “What the hell did I get myself into?” feeling is just part of the fun. :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking in and big congratulations on your achievements!

Pretty much, especially in urban areas. Get out into the country, or to places only reachable by bikes and hikers, and people are a lot more pleasant.

Long as you’re stuck in the city, I find that the faster you are going, the less of those comments you will hear. :slight_smile:

Joe, can you explain that photo you attached? On the one hand, it’s kind of a nightmare situation for many new unicyclists; like a bad dream you might have of just trying to practice, but you’re wearing a clown outfit and red nose, (but oddly no makeup), and a camera crew is in your face!

On the other hand, why the camera crew for a guy dressed up like a clown but without any makeup, who doesn’t look happy in the situation? :slight_smile:

… a big red nose

A film crew hired me to be the unicycling clown when they re-staged a documentary regarding research from a WWU psychology professor on cell phone use.

The original research publication went viral and appeared or was mentioned in nearly every newspaper worldwide.

The documentary was aired nationwide in Canada multiple times. Licensing in the USA and elsewhere was limited. The full version is usually viewable for Canadian internet users and unavailable for USA addresses.
Here is a segment from ”Crankberry’d: Are We Digital Dummies”

My greatest difficulty was wearing the big red nose. I’d never worn one before. I was new to juggling while unicycling and wearing a big red nose was both distracting and obstructed my vision.

The film crew and director were great to work with.

“Film crew shoots documentary”

Yes, I’ve clowned around a little more since then. The big red nose is not such a big thing now.

Later i was used again by Sacramento News10 for another re-stage of Ira Hyman’s research.

“The Great American Hang Up”

…swallowing ping-pong balls? So far it’s not in my current aspirations.



How cool is that! I remember reading about that study, but didn’t know you were involved in reenactments of the research.

The first video you linked starts with scenes of New York City. I was going to comment that NYC pedestrians can ignore literally anything. You never know what you’re going to see in NYC, and some pedestrians are pretty jaded and immune to everything (that’s without cellphones). :slight_smile:

Interesting–that’s my local news! Unfortunately I didn’t see it; when we do watch the local news, it’s usually our local Channel 3…

Though I did once do an appearance on the morning show Good Day Sacramento, with Mark S. Allen, who is a very solid unicyclist!

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