Greetings everyone

A big shout out to all the people here hope everyone s doing fine and thanks for all the great advice so many of you have written… It ain t easy what we do but the wheel gives so much in return :slight_smile: beats vegetating on the couch by lightyears! Hugs and much love for y all, peace!

Hi ya.

Hi Yow,

nice to see another starter from Belgium.

I have also recently started and I’m located in Gooik, some 20-25 km from Brussels.

Whoa dude! Pretty cool, so there are now officially four unicyclists in our whole country :slight_smile: undoubtedly then you know the domain of Gaasbeek? It s where i hang out most sundays if the rain doesnt spoil the fun that is… Living in Ternat by the way close by huh (just born in Brussel) there s a Nice parking lot of which part is almost never occupied by cars, and the park itself is simply marvellous to ride in! Maybe we can meet up Some day and share with each other the one wheeled wisdom gathered thus far? Peace man and have a good day yoooow

I occasionally take a walk at the Gaasbeek Castle and I see how it would make a nice Unicycling spot.

Once I’ve got a good free mount going I may consider cycling there. For the moment I’m still practicing at the skate park / athletic course in Gooik.

In a few weeks I should be ready to cycle the paths at Gaasbeek :slight_smile:

Ow yeah forgot About freemounting sorry… what helped me to learn that, if you push the wheel forward ( just a little though) when stepping up, it prevents the pedal rolling back and so the cranks are horizontal once u get on the seat, ready to start riding. And my advice to you stay away from that rail and the grass too, just try try try the freemount it Will work after a while and is a huge liberation because from then on, you ll be able to mount and ride anywhere without a support (it messes up your balance a lot as you will notice) Well, at first you ll succeed once out of twenty tries or so, but it improves quickly just hang in there. And ps wearing a helmet reduces the fear of falling a lot

Thank you for your tips!
I’ve been wondering how people keep those cranks horizontal when mounting…

I was just thinking that ,with acceptable weather, I could consider a Gaasbeek visit this weekend. Maybe we can meet up for a little while to get some tips and see how its done 

We (The kids and I) have not yet met any Unicyclists since we started. And we definitely could use some tips and tricks from a more experienced rider.

We have two 20” Qa-Ax Luxus unicycles, they seem perfect for the wider paths at Gaasbeek. Not for the trails through the woods but we’re not ready for that anyway…

When the cranks are horizontal, the weight placed on the first pedal pushes the unicycle backwards. This force needs to be counter-balanced by the forward pushing of weight-on-the-seat. You probably knew that already.

Learning to mount with the first foot in the 6:00 position is perfectly fine. Whatever works! However, consider one difference between mounting at 6:00 and at 9:00: The inseam of your shorts is going to be lower or higher by an amount equal to the length of your crank. If you mount at 6:00, you may end up keeping your seat much lower, so that your inseam is able to clear the seat during mounting. And, if your seat is lower, it will be more difficult to put weight in the seat, which will make doing a proper, 3:00/9:00 static mount seem even more difficult. Long story short, your seat height, while it works for you in many ways, may be too low for static mounting.

I suggest raising the seat up a couple inches (hopefully you haven’t reached the minimum insertion), find a grassy area, rotate the crank, from the 6:00 position, up and toward you, put you first foot on, then attempt a very SLOW static mount. Don’t worry about even getting your second foot to the pedal. Just practice it slowly, so that what you’re practicing is more of a one-footed-still-stand than a static-mount. As a beginner, I rushed through my mounts because I was desperate to ride away; for me, a successful mount meant that I rode out of it. However, the jerky motions of my body made it harder to balance during mounting.

Quax1974, I really admire how you have made a family sport out of unicycling. Keep up the good work!

Yeah it s true i made that same mistake too at first and then learned that the immobile instant of ‘holy sh**! i made it on this time’ is quite useful as a moment of comfort from which it is ideal to start pedaling… Rushing a freemount usually leaves the uni behind and clattering on the floor lol. Hey man i started out just 2.5 Months ago with my nimbus 20 and it is indeed a little too squiggly on a rougher surface:) still consider myself a beginner though i can go forward, wide turn more or less smoothly and for idling, well it works sometimes haha… If you feel more at ease riding at your local skatepark i can meet you over there, just need to look up where that is exactly, no problem dude i spent the first two weeks in the kitchen before even daring to go outside! Hey Quax1974 i understand that you are three cyclists for two unis so whenever we meet i ll bring both my 20 and 26 so we can have a good rider to uni ratio? Feel free to let me know i work until noon on Saturday but anywhere else in the weekend will do just fine okay Peace yooow c u soon

Today I also saw a nice video by the Unigeezer on how to practice the 3:00 - 9:00 mount. I definitely will give it a (lot of) try

Sunday doesn’t look too bad weather-wise so Gaasbeek is a real opportunity. Let’s keep an eye on the weather.
Kids can try to cycle and run around as much as they like and the’re always up for an icecream at the Krijmerie opposite to the park.
Thank you for the offer to bring an extra bike. Probably I will have to spend some time as mounting-help for the kids.
I would love to see the 26" because I’m considering buying a Muni for future off-road riding and I had a 26" under consideration.

If weather allows I’ll also try to put in some more practice at the skate park Saturday afternoon, it’s at the Sports centre “Koornmolen” in Gooik, Processiestraat 15.

Yeah sure that s great we ll keep in touch for Sunday and it is true they make tasty things at that place, their flat cheese cakes are just to die for mmmm and the ice cream, there is just no comparison for that just thinking about the coupe framboise makes me wanna be there right now! To eat five of those in a row: no problem… Anyways:) cool man saturday i try to come to Gooik at, well whatever time you plan to be there i ll check the forum after work to see if your training plans are still valid by then ok? And the 26 you gonna love it, it isnt really much harder than the 20, except adapting to the pedals being a tad higher to mount, but once u start riding it is just marvellous as a feeling, there is more reaction/correction time available on a bigger wheel, very relaxing! Until you start pedaling fast of course. A bit like, err ‘seven-mile boots’ or something

Hi Yow,

we’ll be in Gooik around 14:30h.

Are you guys in the French speaking area or the other?

Few weeks ago I went at Namur for a week end with my gf, I didn’t have any of my unicycles but walking there was like “this would be a very cool place to ride in”, especially in the citadel area, and along the canal.

Only two days there and I was already taking the belgium accent (when speaking french) which I love!

Gros fan du film dikkenek !
Bien entendu, en tant que végétarien, désolé pour le cliché : j’ai mangé principalement des frites et bu de la bière :wink:

The other part :slight_smile:
Allthough the French speaking area is very close.

At this moment I do not even know which language Yow speaks. But I should find out this weekend :slight_smile:

Hi there Unidreamer namur is indeed an epic place to ride with the medieval style city and lots of forest around on these steep rocks but honestly way out of my league, maybe with a couple of hundred miles more of experience and full body armour… Sorry Quax man for today i went to my Mom’s place for a quick lunch and we ended up chatting the afternoon away, just got home now! Tomorrow i’m at the gaasbeek starting from certainly 10am until, well exhaustion i guess… I shall send u my number by private message once i find out how so you can sms or ring me when u arrive i hope that is okay. The first language is dutch, well the original dutch which comes from flanders, as flemish is not really a language, very confusing i know! But prefer to use the Brussels dialect because it is going extinct which is a crying shame


I’m not from Belgium but went there in March/April to participate in “We Ride Flanders” which is a huge ride the day before the Tour of Flanders.

Belgium is a wonderful place to ride and I’d love to ride there again some day.

Here’s a video of me at the finish line surprising two spectators.

Have fun riding!

Whoa! Vertigo, on that first picture i think you are actually climbing ‘the Wall of Geraardsbergen’ :astonished: that is just amazing, no unicyclist has ever done that before im quite sure! Big Respect to you and have a nice day everyday yooow

Hi Vertigo,

thanks for sharing the images and video.
The reaction of the guy is priceless!

That is an awesome piece of video to have.

On a sidenote:
Yow, my oldest daughter and I have had our first unicycle get-together yesterday. Good weather, nice location and lots of fun.

We’ll definitely meet again!

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