Greetings! Beginner saying Hi!


My name is Martin and I am 40 years young. Started out unicycle one month ago. And I’m from Sweden.

Bought a new camera to a month ago and this is my two first movies.

Wow, you’re doing great after one month! Looks like you have some great beginner muni trails – have fun on those!

I like the dogs too. I thought the wolfhound (?) was a mule at first…

Thanks alot. I am enjoying it very much. I’m totally hooked. Guinness ( The Irish Wolfhound ) has been called alot but never a mule :smiley:

Looks good. :slight_smile:
Keep it up!

Welcome to the forums Marty! Always great to see more “middle-aged kids” getting into the one-wheeled world! :smiley:

Hooked …

Have fun.
Ride every day.

Thanks everyone! I will. Was just out an hour and half on trails near by. Totally exhausted now. A shower and a beer and a bit of stretching :slight_smile: and I will be okay again.

Made a little more progress today and didn’t upd on every root. Also met a mountain biker who said - I thought this was though and gave me a big grin :smiley:

I love it. Tomorrow I will practice stand still. I need to learn to jump and idle.


Oh, oops. I might have been thinking mule deer when I said that - we have a lot of those around here, but what I meant was donkey, not mule. Y’know, the cute little burros. Though I suppose it’s not more of a compliment calling your dog an ass…


Haha! No worries mate. Ha can be a real ass sometimes.

Haha! No worries mate. Ha can be a real ass sometimes.