Greetings All!

Hi, my name is Jason Catan. I’m 24 years old, and I’ve been a professional
entertainer for seven years.

I learned to ride from John Foss, and couldn’t have asked for a better or
more knowledgeable teacher. I went to the the National Unicycle Meets in 1988
and 1989. At the 1989 meet in Alabama, I won the freestyle riding event for
my age group.

I’ve worked for The National Circus Project since 1989, and have toured the
U.S., Canada, England, and Hong Kong. At the moment, I’m taking a break from
performing, and am finishing my degree in physical education teaching at The
State University of New York at Cortland.

I welcome any correspondance from other riders and jugglers, as I’ve been out of
the loop for some time. Good From Tue Feb 21 18:03:58 1995
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 The rulebook definition that i gave is for a standard unicycle intended for
 standard competition. For those of you who have not been fortunate enough
 to attend a num, In standard competition the rider doesn't have music or a
 costume, but simply demonstrates skills on one wheel. Standard competition
 means standard unicycles, ie, they don't allow giraffes, only ONE standard
 uni. No two wheelers, no 0 wheelers, no nothing other that the standard
 uni. About the wheel walking, sure, it's allowed, but you just can't use a
 unicycle intended soley for wheel walking. (without cranks or pedals or any
 other unusual modification.) Your unicycle needs to have cranks and pedals,
 but if you wanted to you could do an entire routine without ever touching
 them. You can do anything you want as long as it's in the list of tricks
 (the IUF has a rather elaborate list of tricks from which your skills must
 be chosen for standard skill routine.) There is a time and a place for
 giraffes and more innovative unicycles; The artistic freestyle competition.
 There are virtualy no rules or limitations on the number or types of
 unicycles that you use in freestyle. This is the area where you would see a
 unicycle like the floor killing 0 wheeler :) or any other demented creation
 that you could possibly imagine. Sorry for the confusion...Karl

 \\ o o o o Karl Frankowski o o o o // // /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ Unicyclist without
 a club /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ \\ \\ &lt;&lt; &lt;&lt; &lt;&lt; &lt;&lt; Defender of Miyatas &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; &gt;&gt; //
 // O O O O ( O O O O \\ \\