Green Spirit

I’m looking to buy a new unicycle, and the green spirit looked like something for me. However, it has an isis light hub, what are the restrictions of that? My main style would be flat, but is the green spirit capable of doing a little street? Stairs up to 4-6 sets? And what about the kind of hops/jumps? I weigh about 65 kilos, what kind of jumps can i make?

On my previous unicycle i broke a hub, (quax luxus). I think it was already broken when i bought it, and it just got worse. But if it was my fault, I don’t want t make the same fault again.

PS: Can anyone explain me why the green spirit is between the trial unicycles on the koxx website, while being rated 5 stars for flatland?

When they had the promo sale some stuff got messed up in the products page. It should be and was in the flatland section before.

Also if you do get it get it from here so you can get a white tyre instead of a black one with no additional charge.

The Green Spirit got a five star rating on flatland because of the 135 mm tubular cranks and the ISIS Light Hub. The low rating in street is due to the fact that its components are pretty light and they trade weight over strength. I think it could handle 4-6 stairs fairly easy. Krisz Kovacs rides one and he takes it down park benches and stuff so it is not ridiculously weak. I think if you like to flatland a lot then a Green Spirit will be a good choice.

That explains :smiley:

Thx for the tip :wink:

This solves my general quistion

Thx for your help and quick responses :slight_smile:

Would the light hub or any other component prevent this uni’s use in light trials? I guess most of what I would want to do wouldn’t be any worse that the street stuff listed above, but I need to know what I can reasonable expect this thing to do. I can always replace the hub if I fubar it, but what about the frame?

Is the wheel 19" or true 20"? I may want to get a white tire for it eventually, so I need to know what would fit.

For perspective, I’ve only been riding for ~6mo, so I’m far from skilled enough to truly torture this thing.


It should be good for at least some small trials, and the frame definitely shouldn’t break. It’s 19" so if you like you can buy one of the Tryall White Light tires (that’s probably not the exact name).

I have a green spirit… And i do pretty big stuff on it, i’ve dropped 6 foot (and rolled out) but i’m scared to go any bigger because of the ‘light’ hub

But for anything up to 6 feet the light hub should be OK? I bought an Alien Backflip trusting that it would be… I’m only about 130 pounds, and I don’t do very big trials or street, so is there any chance of me regretting switching to a light hub from a reinforced? I’m asking because I have a decent wheel with a reinforced hub that I could put on instead.

I’d ride the light hub until it dies… (that is, IF it dies) i’ve only ever seen one broken

looks like youre going to have to change your name, quaxer. now that you broke your quax

I’ve been thinking about that…It’s been a long time since I had anything Qu-ax on my uni.:stuck_out_tongue:


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But did I hear you mention breaking a Qu-ax? Don’t you know that nobody does that?

I didn’t break a single part. I just upgraded a bunch in weight and downgraded a bunch in strength. No big deal, I rarely break anything.:slight_smile:

i have a kox light hub on my uni right now and have done some big things but always rolling and it is one solid hub as of now. I dont know how high the biggest drop ive down with it but the 9 set was a really big 9 and i did it a few times with no problem

I’m glad I found this thread. I’m hoping to buy my first uni here soon and have looked over all kinds of material…now I’m stuck between the Nimbus, K1 Green Spirit, and K1 White Russian. Is this the same White Russian you’re all talking about?

I would go with Kris Holm but I can’t justify spending as much money on one wheel as I recently did for two (fully loaded). Thoughts?

How about a 1-2 year old (but still new as in unused) KH?

Raymanh what do to mean?