Green koxx wheel

I have a green koxx wheel with a red hub for sale. it is in good condition with a rim strip. please let me know if you would like it. you pay shipping and it is 80dollars or best offer. im tired of the green look… i want pink. or just straight aluminum non drilled. i live in fresno california

preferably paypal cause its so easy for me


if he doesn’t buy I’m interested as well.

heres a pic of it on one of my frames.

whoever buys this wheel should also buy an eb frame to go with it :wink:

ummm… it will go to the first person that wants it and has a paypal account then

that pic is recent (right after NAUCC)

bring it to mammoth. can u take cash?

ya i can take it to mammoth

i can take cash too

What all does it come with?

hub rim spokes nipples bearings

can you show me a closer pic joe?

i just got payed

i dont have a camera
jarin posted that one

which hub is it? the light or the reinforced?

Would you sell the cranks seperatly or would I need to buy them from somewhere else? Koxx isn’t true Isis so in cranks wouldn’t fit, right?

Well if your doing the cash thing and selling it to tyler… hey tyler in what condition is your current wheelset and do you want to sell it?

reinforced hub will never break… but this rim is too weak for you. your like 200pounds or more right? nondrilled would be best for you buddy


are you over 200 pounds and as hard on stuff as phill sanders? I know he can do 7foot drops and weighs over200pounds…