Green Jacket Man - Muni Compilation Video

I noticed that I wore a green jacket in almost every clip I filmed when unicycling recently, so I decided to throw them together and make a video out of it:


Awesome video with some great skill. Very enjoyable. Well done. :+1:

Lots of good stuff! That last drop off the cliff looked super intimidating.

I can just imagine trying to control my braking while going down a slope like that.

Thanks everyone!

The last drop looks super intimidating, but landing in that sand is so soft that it’s almost cheating.

Brake control is a skill that needs a ton of time to get dialed in well - I was lucky enough to start riding Muni and using the brake as an otherwise pretty skilled rider, so I could really focus on just that one skill for a while. What a lot of people miss is getting their basic setup right, you absolutely need to have it so that you can isolate modulating your brake from pulling on your handle.

Fantastic video and Your level of riding is amazing :grinning: