Greatest Unicycling Feat?

11 stair!!!

  1. landing first ever crankflip
  2. 16 set rail grind
  3. gliding fast enough to bend a crank from the fall

WOW nice one.

Good for you! You earned it. But I didn’t expect it either. I don’t think there should be a combined award for such different events; it takes away from the meaningfulness of winning each one.

The guy riding around the North Pole is probably on the Been There Done That page, not mine. That one’s all about location, location location!

As for me? I don’t know, stupid stuff, like putting the capital U in MUni, creating events like MUni Weekend competitive gliding, coasting, offroad racing, helping to create Street Freestyle, the IUF logo, several issues of On One Wheel, USA and IUF Rulebooks and Unicons.

And backwards one-foot spins.

Whats a backwards one footed uni-spin. It sounds impossible. My greatest feat is learning to ride with absolutely nobody around to help. I made a bit smaller than 2m side hop gap. I have a 26" sidehop:(

Well, biggest feat I’ve ever heard of:
Guy on Ripley’s cartoon riding 10 ft, or a block, don’t remember blindfolded on Main Street on 10 ft. unicycle.

Biggest I’ve ever done:
Probably glide a meter, cheat at turning :stuck_out_tongue: and/or wheelwalk 2, or 3 metres. Not that good. That’s “trick.” As in feat, ride to the beach and back, that’s about 2.56 miles, on my 20", and I’m not fit!

6 runs down fernie in one day, and walking away with out anything broken

I don’t know but it sounds hard. A backwards one-foot spin is doing a spin backwards while pedaling with one foot. That one’s hard too, but I can still do it if I warm up enough.

a backwards one footed uni-spin is where you ride backwards one footed, and do a uni-spin:)

I think the coolest thing I’ve ever done was riding one-footed on the roof of our new garage. I’ve had a couple of interesting crashes, too.

probably my all time favourite thing I have ever done was my first grind down a 6 set handrail.

Next are all of 8 sets I have done, especialy the double four set.

Landing a 360 unispin the three times I have done it now are close but since I can’t do them very often yet they are in third along with bluntslides.

mine is the frontflip attempts (even if they weren’t that great)
or winning the talent show
or one footed backwards
or 180 acid drops
or acid drop down a 3 set


Learning to ride and then meeting all the other unicyclists.

learning seatdrags and unispins both in 2 days

Hmm…in order:

  • Learning to ride a unicycle
  • Breaking my ankle in Nepal, crawling to the next village, getting carted out on horseback, getting my ankle screwed back together in Kathmandu
  • Breaking my Tibia/Fibula in Laos, getting it screwed back together in Bangkok
  • riding 378km in a day
  • winning the Marathon at Unicon 13 :slight_smile:
  • Various 24hr, 12hr and 100km+ MUni rides/races
  • Organising the Laos Unitour
  • Riding across Cambodia
  • Riding in the Laos Unitour
  • Riding in the Alps Unitour
  • Setting up the NZ Unicycle Federation
  • Organising the NZ Unicycle weekend x3

Can’t think of anything else right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Learning to ride it, for sure.

Wow thats like a pro resume of amazing feats. You sure are one lucky man Ken.

Riding 73km on a 24" with 150mm cranks
Riding 100km on a 24" with 150mm cranks (the 73km was a greater feat since it didn’t have stops for dinner and another dinner and …)

Most enjoyable crash: Playing hockey. I UPDed and managed to run out off it.My unicycle was still going though (seat dragging on its own) and almost took me out as it overtook me…Kept going until it crashed into the barriers…

wow i can do way better cough cough:p :stuck_out_tongue: jk . get down a 6 inch step:p :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: and learning to ride :stuck_out_tongue:

forgot one, 10’ jump :slight_smile: :astonished: (thats an unofficial world record btw) :astonished: