Greatest Unicycling Feat?

Everyone list your greatest unicycling accomplishment, whatever it may be (ie:10 foot drop, or parachuting our of a plane, or escaping from rabid bears)

I unicycled down the staircase from the 6th floor of my building, thats 12 sets

I learned how to ride in a few hours of trying…

  1. Riding someone on my shoulders.
  2. Riding 100yds. uphill going backwards.

nice lol

BC wheel feats? I went down a 45degree 15 foot high roll in into a 6 ft spine. :sunglasses:

I dunno… a big for me was winning the overall muni chamionships at NAUCC, I didn’t excect that even a little.

The biggest unicycling feat is when you finally figure out how to do something that seemed impossible at first. (Such as, riding).

sure :slight_smile:

for me i think its riding 100km in a day.

also landing my first 360 unispin because i had been trying for months.

clearing a 6 stair set when i had been trying for ever. living through a good hard week of muni in moab. 24in sif side hop. i guess that’s all that i’m actually proud of.

Definatly varial flips to a grind.

Just staying on the damn thing is hard enough.

riding to school after a month of riding.

I thought the guy (on John Foss’ page?) riding around the North Pole was a pretty big feat.

20 inch sif side-hop and 360 unispin

wheel walking 5m with 12 minutes of trying

First geared hub designed for a unicycle. (Shared with Frank Bonsch) (Yes, Florian stood on the shoulders of giants.)
First practical 24" geared unicycle.
First shiftable 29" geared unicycle.
First geared Coker ever built.

  1. riding 15 yards after 30 minuites
  2. “wasting” money on somthing that is considered absurd
  3. starting a unicycling craze in my town :smiley: (well sort of)

Jumping a picnic table… well that is my recent feat.

^^oo i second that…did it the first time the other day