GREATEST response EVER to a uni

Well, my brother John had the most interesting response to his riding. I
am forwarding it:

Dear Winternet Forum,

Put this in your department of “I never though this would happen to me,
but…” I was riding around the Central Park Loop in NYC on my Coker
unicycle (36"–size matters, apparently). As I was coming round the bend,
I noticed a woman in her early 20s smiling at me. I smiled back. Then,
keeping her gaze fixed at my face, she bent over and abruptly pulled her
loose tank top down, forcing her ample breasts into plain view of day. I
could see now that her smile was mischievous-- she was hoping to get me to
fall off. In the past, plenty of men-- usually when in groups-- have
half-pretended to try to knock me down, typically by jumping suddenly in
front of me (and then always backing away). They invariably elicit my cold
and implacable stare. But this was something different-- not aggresive,
just absurd. I nearly fell from the shock, still smiling all the way,
myself, and gave a nerdy wave which she returned-- what else could I do?–
all of this the more ridiculous considering her boyfriend was standing
right next to her the whole time.

John Stone