Greatest price on KH unis

Check the price at AEBike for the KH24 and KH29.

I can barely keep my mouse off the “Add to Cart” button.


morgage the house to buy the freeride…do it

hey, at that price, you’d only have to mortgage like the front bedroom… :roll_eyes:

Plus - OMG - the shipping in the US is $7.50!

I want a kh 29 soooo bad. Isn’t anyone out there willing to give me $435. I will pay for the shipping.

But why don’t they have the KH20???
Though the 29 would be great fun too…

if you look at a picture of the uni it has a sticker so they got it from them thus is sold out of kh20

holy crap those prices are so great i could eat them do you know if the prices are canadian? if so even more great

look at their location, you should be able to figure it out.

I want one…


You already have one! (Unless you mean the Muni) In which case I have an '05 I’ll sell you.:smiley:

They say their in Michigan so no its not Canadian dollars…

its in kalamazoo, Michigan, so its in US dollars

damnit, too late

I emailed them about the KH20 a couple weeks ago–they said they don’t sell them and wouldn’t even try to special order. But there are some other places who sell the KH20 for less than UDC (around $435) if you look around. Nobody has them in stock, though–I understand that Darren Bedford has the only ones in N. America until April.

Me, I’m just waiting for Loosejello’s Summit to arrive at my house …

Kalamazoo MI!!! I should stop in and see them some time!
YAY!!! Once I save enough, but I already have a 24 and a coker, so they should just come out with the KH 20, then I’ll buy one.

I wish I had an excuse to buy a muni…

Roland the owner of sells KH Unicycles for cheaper than UDC America or England. You have to register and give your address and log on or you will only see the German prices. If you order from outside of Germany the 17% German sales tax is automatically reduced giving a price of $433.5 for the KH20 2007, $466.0 for the KH24 2007, $487.74for the KH29 2007 and $400.75 for the KH29 2005. The shipping will probably be expensive to the US but those are great prices. I have ordered from Roland before, I live in Israel, and have gotten great service from him. He threw in a bunch of extras such as a K1 seatpost clamp, and magura brake clamps, for free. Roland is great at service and if the price with shipping is still cheaper than ordering from UDC America or England it should be done!