Greatest moment

what is your proudest unicycle moment or achievment? what was one thing, place, whatever that you hold above all else?

Best moment

My best to date was riding through Tiger Leaping Gorge while on the Yunnanuni tour this year :slight_smile:

Descending the 14,433’ Mt. Elbert via the East Ridge Trail two summers ago. Dying to do another 14er descent! Perhaps next summer?

I was there… Great moments!

these make everything I’ve done seem sad:o

They just ran a piece on the local news where some guy in Germany set a record for riding a unicycle on top of lined up beer bottles. They showed him - he just carefully rode across a line of upright bottles. I think they said he went 30’.

Which one of you was that?

Other than the day I rediscovered unicycling…after 40 years…the “greatest moment” would probably be my record climb at the “Fargo Street Hill Climb Challenge” earlier this year. Its unrelenting and massive 33% grade makes it one of the steepest residential streets in the US. I climbed it once about two weeks before the event, (and thought I was going to die!:o) and then twice on the day of the event.

The organizers have been hosting the annual event since the late 70’s, and told me that only a scant few others have tried climbing it on a uni, “but none got very far”. And while others will likely come along and successfully climb it on a uni, It’s a good feeling to know that I was the first to do it, especially at age 55. :slight_smile:

i feel my greatest accomplishment is how good i’ve become at railriding. i can thank tom pec for that, :p. nearly 3 years ago i watched his video spirit like 10 times in a row…and i was like…i wanna ride rails like that :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it was Lutz Eichholz… :slight_smile:

110cm :smiley: I can’t say it was the best, but surely one of the best. It was just crazy when I got it!

It was lutz indeed, and his record on top of the beer bottles was 7.99 meters.
By the way, he broke his own record few days ago at the 2nd Israeli Unicycle Convention, at Kibutz Dalia. I think it was about 9 meters.

NAUCC '09 is my best unicycle memory.

My best moment was either my first 1080 unispin, ninthside, or 1080side. I was so ecstatic every time hahaha.

Watching Christian Hoverath ride the uni.5 at breakneck speed at the 2002 Unicon.

My best moment was my 7 spin hands down, you can see my reaction at 2:30 xD

handrails :wink:

Lot’s of things stand out

  • hosting unicon in my hometown
  • 24hr and 1hr world records
  • Unicycle tours- riding in exotic locations with my friends from around the world
  • Learning how to ride a uni 10yrs ago

If I had to hold one above all else, probably winning The UNICON 13 Marathon, because it happened 6 months after I shattered my leg. I still wasn’t walking properly when Unicon started, and almost gave up unicycling. I’m glad I didn’t.

Outclimbing a mountain biker for the first time. I was grinning ear to ear :slight_smile:

Watching my teenage son complete a climb I had not been able to do. Yeah, that’s also the day I saw my youth go down in flames :roll_eyes:

Being one of the first two people to unicycle the Copper Harbor Fat Tire Festival!!!

Today: riding a mile. :slight_smile:

Well, OK, it was almost a mile. And I did fall off a couple of times - but I free mounted back on every single time, and in my book, a free mount gives me one credit for every UPD.

Been doing this nearly every day for 90 days or so now, when I started I had no idea how proud I’d be having accomplished so little. But I am, and my neighbors are starting to cheer me on as I ride by!


It’s hard to prioritize over 30 years of an amazing life with unicycles, but here are a few highlights:

  • Learning to ride! Don't underestimate the value of learning something most people don't believe they could ever do! 1976-79
  • My first giraffe freemount, 1979
  • Third place in the 1-mile race at Nationals, 1980
  • Beating Floyd Crandall (who dominated unicycle racing in the 70s) in a long race at the Redford Mini-Meet, Fall 1980
  • Getting paid to ride a unicycle (early as 1980)
  • Meeting other unicyclists from around the world (starting in 1980)
  • Setting Track speed records (1980s - early 90s)
  • Performing outside the US (starting 1982)
  • First Pairs Freestyle world champion, 1984
  • Second Individual Freestyle world champion, 1986
  • Doing really well against 800 Japanese riders in all events, 1987
  • Setting the Guinness 100 meter record, 1987
  • Helping come up with the first Unicon Gliding, Coasting and MUni (UMX) competitions, 1988
  • Winning the Cross Country race at Unicon VII, 1994
  • Discovering "real" MUni in California, 1996
  • Hosting the first MUni Weekend, 1996 (and a few others)
  • Placing 2nd in the first Trials competition at a USA convention (to KH), 1999
  • Helping to bring MUni, Trials, Street and Flatland to the big competitions
  • Being part of the process of developing unicycle competition rules, first nationally and later internationally, 1981-Present
  • Riding around Lake Tahoe (72 miles at 6200-7000'), 2007
  • Participating in the biggest unicycle racing event ever; Ride The Lobster, 2008
  • Staying ahead of everyone except Jamey Mossengren in the MUni Marathon at NAUCC 2008 in Rapid City, 2008
  • Surviving the Knickerbocker Race; the hardest 25 miles of MUni I've ever done, 2009
  • Finishing the hardest-ever Unicon Marathon and Cross Country races, New Zealand, 2010
Sorry, I know that's a lot. I couldn't possibly pick a top one out of all that.