Greater Los Angeles Unicycle Roundup

Attention: Riders in the Greater Los Angeles Area,


I am beginning to organize a unicycle roundup for the Los Angeles Area. My plan is to hold it within the next several months, most likely late June before it gets too hot. It will probably be on a Saturday beginning at 10:30 or 11:00 am. The site is Balboa Lake in the San Fernando Valley. Parking is relatively easy and there are facilities nearby.

In concept, this would be simply a time to meet other unicyclists so that maybe we can start to know where other riders live and also their main unicycling interest – Muni, Coker, Trials, or Freestyle or whatever. It will be BYOLU, that’s Bring Your Own Lunch and Unicycle.

The plan is to meet, congregate, and then head off on a short 2 – 3 mile ride. The ride I planned goes around the outside perimeter of the lake on a paved bike path, runs through the Army Corps of Engineers area and then doubles back along Victory Boulevard, and finally return on Balboa Boulevard. This is all bike lane that is removed from the lanes of car traffic. With stops, this can take about 30 – 45 minutes – that’s if you are on 24’s. I suppose Coker Cats could ride twice around. After the ride, we can congregate around the kids play area and eat. There are plenty of grassy areas to sit. After lunch, trials and Muni riders could play on the Man-Made rock formations that run around the sand box areas. I think these might offer some challenges for some riders. I hope to post a picture of these areas, soon. Parents tend to sit on the “rocks” and watch their kids, but there are so many of the “rocks” that there are always areas where people aren’t sitting.

So, basically after lunch, you just hang out and talk uni or whatever, get some names and addresses. Maybe this will be a beginning of something.J

Please share any thoughts in regards to the plans I have laid out.

I need help in notifying riders off of the rider list. I have a rider list of known riders in my area and have included it below. That list isn’t the problem. I need help with the list at I need persons to go through the California list and take down the names of all the Greater Los Angeles Riders. I can divvy up the list alphabetically. Then I will give you a letter that you can cut and paste into the email link.

I want to get a date nailed down, soon. Once that is done, then we can notify everyone on the list so they can get it on their schedules. Then we can send out reminders, as well.

If it is successful, then maybe we can have one again in the late fall.


Rod Wylie teachndad(att)aol(dott)com

Below is a rider list that I have of riders that I know of.

Name Location

Rod Wylie S F Valley
Ryan Langton S F Valley
Al Karel Santa Monica
Mike Edos Encino
John Long Venice
Joel Harris SF Valley
thayr Hollywood
Rhonda the PT Woodland Hills SF Valley
Mattw21 Torrance
Matthew AKA Rayden Ventura
Barry Friedman Hollywood
Juggler bob – runs juggling club at Valley College SF valley
caw89 (CODY) Phelan – high Desert
Isuri’s Dad SF Valley
Santa Barbara Unicycle Club Santa Barbara

Color me there.


Thanks, John

stoking thread

Unicycle Roundup

Any plans for a future LA uni-round up?

Probably, but Rod’s the pointman. We had one this year too:

Sadly, no.:frowning:

Added family responsibilities, ongoing knee and back problems, and a lagging interest in unicycling have pretty much put the nails in the coffin for me to organize another one anytime in the near future. I am on hiatus.

If anyone wants to take over, I can email the email list to you. That person can pick the site and organize it as they see fit.

Thayr, if your into MUni or you just want to see it first hand to see what it’s like, I recommend you check out one of the event days at the LA MUni weekend coming up on Veteran’s day Weekend.