Greater Gee-raff Project

I’ve been tricking out a Schwinn Giraffe and was really surprised to
see someone else doing the same. I’m looking for a custom look, sort
of like custom motorcycles. I was also looking at green/black but
opted for Red/Black with a red-metallic powder coat. I’ve got some
kik-azz parts on order and can’t wait to get everything in. I’ve also
got a shop lined up in January for the powder coat. The cool thing
about Giraffe’s is you can use any 3-piece crankset. I’m using 44t
sprockets on the top and bottom (black), replacing the bolt-on 26t
sprocket that’s on the hub now. It won’t make a difference in the way
it rides but it should look pretty ghetto. I’m also putting on a 24"

(Does anyone know if a 26" would fit w/out cutting/welding a Schwinn




Someone on a different thread mentioned owning a Schwinn with 26" wheel. Just measure your chosen tire first, and match that up with the space in your frame to make sure you’re not cutting it too close.

Make sure your new chanrings are in line with each other. Nobody likes chain derailments when riding their giraffe!

Also, beware the pants-in-the-chain thing. The bigger your chainwheel, the more it will get in your way…