Great Victorian Bike Ride

Unicyclists on the GVBR.

Great effort you guys and looked like you really enjoyed the ride, and thats fantastic media coverage for unicycling.:slight_smile:

That man who started to bike at 79 and now still rides at 85 certainly deserves attention from the media.

It was awesome ride. It went for 9 days with 8 days of riding and a rest day in Halls Gap, in the Grampians. The ride started in Ballarat and headed west out to the Grampians and then turned around to head back to Ballarat. On the riding days we rode for about 50 - 100 kms through forests, mountains and farmland.

The uni performed great, no mechanical issues at all. It was fun passing the bikes up the hills and during the headwinds, conversley they passed me easily down the hills and with the tailwinds. They were generally quite impressed with the unicycles attempting such a ride, some could not believe I had ridden the whole way by the end of the ride. My legs were very tired at the end but I got a huge sense of achievement from having made it to the finish.

Next year’s ride will be from Portland to Geelong, along the Great Ocean Road. If any unicyclists are interested in doing this ride let me know. I think entries will be open in the middle of next year.

There was an amputee (leg) who rode and at least one hand cycle which I think would have to be the toughest way of doing the ride.

I didn’t call the media myself, they rang me. It was up to the individual riders if they wanted to be included in the media coverage. I think I’m getting addicted to it though.

Booyah! sounds great Matt, would love to ride the Great Ocean Road.

Congrats on this year’s ride and the coverage too, very cool.

Hey, I saw you on TV

The coverage was great and congratulations on doing such a big ride. Barry is unstoppable. Out of 4000 cyclist the ABC focussed on you guys (2 unicyclists)

I’ll be down for a GVBN!

You can register your interest in next years Great Ocean Road ride:

Looks like the last Great Vic Great Ocean Road ride was huge, over 8000 riders! Would be great to have a big uni turn out next year, such an iconic length of road - too good an opportunity to miss.

Another TV show featuring the Great Vic:—18-The-Great-Victorian-Bike-Ride/Page1.html

Fast forward to about 5:55 mins to see the unicycling.

Nice! I loved watching the 36 pass the 2 wheelers on the hill. :slight_smile:

But you should watch the whole thing. Meet some interesting characters and catch a glimpse of the kangaroo who wanted to be a part of it.

The novelty of seeing a kangaroo on the road there is probably similar to seeing an alligator here. Although quick quick the roo is off the road while the almost stationary gator can stop traffic for miles.