Great turnout for today's Coker tour!

We started at about 8:30am at Huntington beach pier with 7 riders, and picked up another two on the way! Extra props to Joe (crazyjoe) (far left in top pic, far right on bottom pic) for doing the whole 15 miles on his 26er with 127mm cranks! I think he’s totally ready to step up to the Big wheel now! Btw, this was the first time riding my 36er with the new nightrider tire…AWESOME! :sunglasses: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Sounds like a fun trip. Any chance you could give a few names? Its always interesting to put a face with the names on forums.


I can’t remember the two new rider’s names that joined us near the end, but the names for the top photo, Left to right are as follows:

Joe, Tim, Terry, John, Dondi, Jamey, Jim.

Yeah that was a great ride. I’m thinking I might order the Nimbus Nightrider very soon now. I need a 36 so bad. I also rode another 2 miles after you left to get to Beach Blvd and then to my uncle’s house where I immediately went into a coma-like sleep for 3 hours, lol! But I feel great, and I had a great time riding with everyone! Hopefully next time I will have a 36 to keep up with all you speed-demons.

ugg i wish i went

That amazes me that you can be out for a ride and run into two people you don’t know that are riding too. I just rode with tomkarches this afternoon and he travelled 2.5 hours just to go on the ride! I need to move back to So.Ca.

Yeah similar thing happened on the MUni trail. I recently met two new riders who had just bought a KH MUni… each on a separate ocassion just one week apart. Seems like the word is spreading!

i wanted to go bad! thanks crazyjoe for trying to help me out, let me know next time there is a ride, i will go.

Great Team & Time

Thanks guys for coming out. It took a unicyclist from Florida to organize this ride :astonished: I plan to organize another ride but in Clearwater Florida around Feb 09. I am working on the route and distance. Can photos be emailed to me at ? :sunglasses:

Nice, I’m jealous (especially since my 36’er is arriving tomorrow). I always chuckle when I look at (or ride) Jamey’s unicycles because the seat is sssoooooo high!!!

Hey Terry, did you fix your pedal? Are you going to need new ones? I guess your quick fix worked because you didn’t have any more problems. I’m glad you dismounted perfectly when it fell off, otherwise it wouldn’t have been a fun fall for you at that speed. I don’t know if you noticed but I was right behind you when it happened, and I was able to swerve around without even thinking. All-in-all, I can look back at that moment and smile.

Did you go on your other MUni ride today?


It was fun. I need to get a handle. thanks for getting me out.

Yeah the pedals fine. I guess I was in a bit of a hurry getting my new nightrider tire mounted and had a tube failure at the stem. (Thanks Jim for the spare tube!) I inadvertently put the wheel on the wrong way, and so the cranks were on the wrong side as well, so it was only a matter of time 'till one or both would fly off unexpectedly! I haven’t made that “newbie” mistake since I started riding nearly three years ago, lol!:o I got busy designing the piano keys thing on my frame, so time flew by and I missed my MUni ride, but that’s ok. 15 miles for one day is pretty good.:slight_smile:

Nice pictures Terry! It was great to finally get back on the Coker and ride again. First time since ride the lobster and that was months ago! It was great meeting everyone and hope to ride together more often now that my busy summer is over.

I’m gonna start going on rides at least once a week, either MUni, Trials or Distance. I will probably be riding MUni sometime this week down at Aliso Woods and Canyon. I’m thinking Friday around 11am or so. Send me a email at info at uniproshop dot com if interested.

Dang! I’d love to meet for a MUni ride but 11am is the absolute WORST time, imo! I’d meet you at 8am, or later in the day, like 5pm or so.

Plus, we should all just set up a regular “Coker meet” day, like every Sunday, same place same time. Or the Torrance to Venice and beyond option, or Santa Ana trail that leads into Huntington beach.:smiley:

Nice group and nice to be on a Coker again! Always a sight to get several big wheels together. John and I went for an open ocean swim after(training for a triathlon next Sunday). Seemed like a great outing for the last day of summer!!

Cool pictures… it finally gives us a clear shot of whatever it is you’ve got written on your forehead…

Oops! Wrong picture. Let’s try this one…

You know what the whole irony of your recent postings on the “look at me” theme is? It’s blatantly obvious that it is you who is craving attention, and saying, “look at me!” You must have so much time on your hands to spend making these little pictures with the captions, (are you obsessed? lol!) but you seem to rarely have anything constructive to contribute, and just seem to criticize, lecture and attempt to belittle others. But go ahead and have your fun. I hope you find happiness someday.:slight_smile:

Names for second photo

Nice ride!:slight_smile:
My brother and I (curbrider) were the one’s to join the ride late.
Seems I don’t like getting up early,
or riding fast.
I estimate we rode about 5 miles of it.

My brother Jon is on left and myself in green shirt.
So the names are ,left to right and top to bottom:
Jon S.,Mark S., John, Tim, Terry, Jamey, Joe, Jim, Dondi


That is the best time for me only because I HATE traffic and if you go at 8am you are in prime rush hour. That’s why I pick 11am…but if traffic wasn’t an issue I’d totally be down for an earlier start. Anything before 10am and you’re still going to hit some good traffic. And then coming home you want to be done riding by 3pm otherwise you’ll hit it going back home.

I do like the idea of a weekly Coker ride. I think it’d be best if we switched it every week instead of doing the same ride but let’s think about organizing something!