Great sign in SF

I am presently in San Fransisco. I saw this sign just north of Fishermans Wharf.


That’s one of the coolest signs I’ve seen! But, what does Muni means on that sign?

I think that it is a local train system. I think, correct me if I am wrong.


Are you wearing flowers in your hair?

There are also MUni Only lanes.

Not to mention, a MUni ride on Sunday if you’re available.

Thanks for the invite, Tom. This is not a unicycling trip for me, unfortunately.

You only do that when you’re going to San Fransisco. I’m already in San Fransisco.

What’s “MUNI” stand for? Only the great Google knows…

My guess was that it is something Municipal… and I think I know what:
SF Municipal Transportation Agency:

You can even get “Official Muni Maps” on their website :slight_smile:

and a short Muni profile… :slight_smile:

Muni provides service throughout the city of San Francisco on a variety of transit vehicles. Here is a brief explanation of these different modes:
Cable cars, Historic Streetcars, Metro, Buses, Trolley buses

Nevertheless the sign is great :slight_smile:

Is that the “WoW” of SF?

can we sue them for copyright infringement?


Actually, the fabulous Mr. Bing knows as well.

We could legitimately get a bunch of MUni riders to take up those lanes and RIDE.