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I just want to share my 4th experince with for their prompt service and no-questions-asked return policy. I had problems with my tire which blew up during ride. Even though the 3-day return days had past, I called them and they mailed me a new one! :slight_smile: I just advised a friend who is looking to learn uni to to buy a Torker LX as a starter uni. He asked me how their service is because he was weary of online shopping. I told him, they are trust-worthy and their service can’t be beat! Great service and products makes for returning customers. Hope to buy the new KH gel saddle soon from them. They have one loyal customer from me.

I agree

I just made a major purchase from them and I e-mailed them with my thanks. They personally handled some glitches in the ordering process (my fault) and did so cheerfully.

I am always deeply impressed by unicycledotcomuk’s willingness to help with any problems and extremely prompt service.


wow. i love them guys at they are the best!

tell ya what. we should all get together and make them a sort of trophy or award or something.

i’ve got a tire i can get casted/colored (its white) and
i could get it attached to a plaque or something… and put it in the middle and have it engraved with names for thanks, and with some sort of logo… like the logo, maybe? or just a custom made one…

they deserve something like that…

yea i cant wait for my stuff to get here i wish they had the qu-ax trails in stock full time bc its the best deal but there very nice when anseriwng e-mail bc i sent alot befour i also agree with abbabibble with this ideia i have a tire qabuch of spokes and aseat post and pos saddle

Or we could all just keep buying their stuff to ensure the future of their business and to pay their wages.

I can assure U. UK boys and girl R superb!Speed efficiency and friendly profesionalizm in tune.:smiley:

It’s so nice to see a positive thread about shopping experiences. Not that I’m for a moment suggesting that there are more ‘negative’ experiences than positive ones. Not by a long-shot I’m sure. We just always seem to see the negatives being turned into public bitching threads.

Thanx for starting a positive one Leadpan.

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> Thanx for starting a positive one Leadpan.



I agree John and Amy are the best! :smiley:

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Nothing personal, I promise. I must’ve missed it somehow.

www . unicycle . com is great.

When my uni broke, and was talking to them about buying a costly replacement part. They suggested it could very well have been a flawed part. They asked me to send the damaged part to them. They replaced the part at no cost to me, even the shipping of the broken part. The uni was well past the warranty.

www . unicycle . uk . com is great.

If it’s not at the UDC US store, Roger has it. I had never ordered outside the US before, but ordering is not a problem at all. Delivery is even fast.

Both stores have the great online catalog with pictures and a knowledgeable staff. All of my orders have been filled perfectly. Always shipped the next day or often less.

Just chipping in my bit -

when I ordered my nice shiny freestyle uni, they didn’t include the bottom brackets of the Sem frame with it, however I just nabbed some from my old uni so it was no problem. A quick email had the parts sent to me no questions asked, with even more stickers :smiley:

Definitely satisfied with the service, however I have a bit of the problem with the customs fee to import it into Canada :angry: . Because of that, I think I’m going to be a bedford customer from now on. On my 350$ uni, it was 93$ in customs charges. Ouch!

While I think UDC is a good store, with good service, usually, I don’t see why you need to give any company a trophy for doing their job.

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Threr service is pretty good. but i wouldn’t buy the KH gel seat, i bought one and its barely anysofter than the fusion seats. Its not worth it at all! trust me!!

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Softness alone is not where it’s at. It’s weight support points and shape. I have found this not so soft seat more comfortable than my airseat.

We now return you to your previously scheduled thread.

I’ve had several good experiences with UDC as well. When there was a problem, they took care of it quickly.

I must put in a good word for to!
A couple of weeks ago, i were getting some shorter cranks for my 29er, i doupted between the 90 and 102mm cranks, but decided for the 102… Opened the package and both 90s and 102mm was there! And this for a cheap price allready…

When i bought my onza trials, i asked if he could exchange the pedals for another pair, because the onza pedals is quite dangerus (not after a small modification tough! ), when i got the package, there was no extra pedals, i called peter at and he said he just forgot about it, sent a pair of the aluminium platform pedals i wanted (the ones that came stock on the 29er) at no charge at all, even though i got the trialuni for a quite low price for starters.

I ordered a new seatpost durning vacation over the phone, i wasn’t at home so it wasn’t much of a hurry, i said this, he said it wouldn’t be a problem, i got home a week later, no seatpost, i called peter and he said there had been the trials-convention in denmark, and he had been there for the moment i called and hadn’t had time to send it yet.
It arriwed in a letter a few days later, at no cost at all.

It’s really hard to complain! But why should i? :slight_smile:


I received a nimbus trials from them today and I was impressed by how every thing was organized. Look forward to buying from them again.

This is really great news to hear, as I am an aspiring Unicycler, and I want a quality specimen to withstand my many forthcoming falls. Thanks for the positive review for, I know where I’m buying mine now. :smiley:

Hey, well i am sure is great in the states… i have had some problems with them, for one they never said anything about a 50 dollar surcharge when shipping across borders. the UPS guy just showed up asking for 50 dollars more. and they sorta screwed up the grinding job on my Profile cranks, as the have ground into the actual crank arms and not just the spider, which down the road will probaly void the warrenty from profile. More over in the pictures they showed the cranks without the spider on it (the new uni only version) so i personally am a little bitter, though i am lucky as there is bedford unicycles which i totally think is the best Uni dealer.
Please note might be just my bad luck but my experence with has always been a bad one. it’s good that they usally do well though.