Great Riding App

If anyone is interested in distance riding and racing, they should check out the iMapMyRIDE app on the app store. The only catch is that you need an iPhone or newer iPod touch.
Among other things it offers GPS tracking, average and current speeds, mapping of routes before or after a ride, distance of any given route, and in some cases even heart rate and pedal cadence!
Beware, however; if you leave it running when not using it, it drains battery pretty fast.
On the app store it is a red icon and is $1.99.

There’s also an Android version. I downloaded it for free, and it works great. :slight_smile:

Downloading this now for my htc wildfire.

Can you upload the route to the web once it’s finished?

Mine directly interfaces to my internet MayMyRide account and automatically saves recorded routes to the account.

Sooo the simple answer would be yes then :stuck_out_tongue:

My phone is always on the net so it shouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

This app works well though it kills my battery in about 2 hours. As long as my ride is no longer than that, and I start with a full battery, it works great.

Yes, that’s about the only problem.
The app is great for shorter training rides… anything more than that (about 30+ miles) and you’re out of battery.

It kinda depends what you want to accomplish with the app.

I remember trying iMapMyTracks for MUni, and if I remember correctly, you cannot see your track while you are riding, or load a gpx file and then see your track in relation to it.

For me, two big features are being able to follow my own track backwards if I get lost, or follow someone else’s pre-loaded track to find the trail. I have an android phone, and find MyTracks running alongside Google Maps (for following pre-loaded tracks) accomplishes this nicely. (But if anyone has a better recommendation, I’d love to try it)

As for battery life, the battery will last a good 4 hours in this configuration, and you can pick up spare batteries pretty cheap on EBay (I got a dock charger with spare battery for around $25)

I use runkeeper on my droid x with great success. Maps rides accurately. And loads them up to the web. Keeps team of them and also allows sharing the rides with others without special software.