Great Nottingham Bike Ride - who is this unicyclist?

Someone thought this was me (it isn’t) is it you or do you know who he is?

The Nottingham jounal is interested in talking him aparently.

I dont know but that is a wiled wheel. super narrow 29er tire.

Looks like the old Nimbus 700c that was around prior to 29-ers?

looks fast!

That looks suspiciously like the Road Razor - my old Nimbus 28 with the 23mm tyre. I sold it to a local chap a few years ago. I vaguely recall his name may have been Andy.

how did he do?

I’ve just looked back through my Private Messages. He posted here as “Anam”.

Thanks Mike, looks like he hasn’t posted on here since 2007 so I doubt he’ll see this.

Nice to see your old uni’s still getting some outings though, which more than can be said for most of mine :frowning:

I’m still riding fairly regularly, but nothing on the scale of a few years ago. Now married with two inherited teenage sons (both of whom have learned to ride). I ride about once every 2 weeks with Gadge (who occasionally posts here) and also do some local rides on my own. Now living in Lincolnshire, where the hills are flatter.

hills are flater?

Sometimes very flat indeed. Some of our local peaks are below sea level.