Great news on the World Games front -- super-cheap air fares

Hi all,

Here is an important announcement concerning the World Games Unicycle
Convention in Akita Japan (August 25 and 16 – see for details.). I
am sorry for the delay – I just learned abouyt this yesterday. Despite of
the Internet, whcih is not really used much, communicatinos in Japan is
very slow.


We have arranged through the Japan Travel Bureau in Akita (northern Japan)
for cheap air tickets for overseas participants – a 45% discount off the
normal price. This also includes 30 kilos of luggage with no charge for

You must come on an ANA (All-Nippon Airways) flight to get those benefits.
There are various flights from the US, Europe and Asia. Please contact me
diectly to discuss the details on which flight is most suitable for you.

Stay on top, Jack Halpern, IUF Vice President Website: