Great news for all male unicyclists!

single? lonely? stop washing that leg armour!

Also, eat celery, it will release a pheromone through sweating that is known to attract women, it also gives you cleaner breath, and you loose weight when eating it.

Or go and buy a 8oz. bottle of some pharmacy made pheromone for about 80 dollars. :roll_eyes:

(I’m sorry, I thought I was in JC)

For this news, I thank you both, very, very much.

Looks like it’s time to break out a stick of celery and get sweaty.



No wonder I haven’t had many girlfriends, I bathe everyday.

uhm ok i’ll stop with the showers and keep that leg armour or on :P:D

wait i dont need to i’ve allready got a girlfriend… damn that sucks LOL

Now wait a minute. Before you get too excitied I think you should know that for women, there’s a huge difference between fresh sweat and stale, dried sweat that has been sitting in your t-shirt or on your skin for a couple of hours, breeding smelly bacteria. Or it may be just me.

Mmm, then why did Amanda tell me I smelled? I think there’s something wrong with the article and I think there’s a point in what Cathy says, though I can’t imagine anyone falling in love with me for smelling bad, then again… women are weird like that.

Maybe she wanted you to buy her a drink?

Awsome :sunglasses:

you spend to much time in the bath and not enough time out on the pull boy!

haha good news

Apparntly the smell of that puts women off! :wink:

fresh sweat… how long does sweat stay fresh for?

it keeps fresh if you keep sweating…