Great MUni and park ride w/2 new friends!

Jack (Jaco42) came to Marina Del Rey for his uncle’s wedding, and spent the day (Saturday) with me and another new rider (at least new to MUni) Eric, (not yet a member here) on an extremely FUN MUni adventure at “Portuguese bend” trail in Palos Verdes, CA. Here’s a good look at it:


Not super tecnical, but a great downhill singletrack intro to MUni. I was impressed with both Jack & Eric as this was really their first foray into MUni, and they did great! After the ride, we went to a local park for some stair and bench hopping, and again they were upto the challenge! I even topped my own 5’ rolling hop record by adding another 1/2 feet! Just a really fun, enjoyable day of riding! Jack is going back to Chicago in a couple days and I hope we can get together again for a ride in the future. Eric who lives locally will likely be joining Perry & me on regular rides during the week, then the more intense MUni on the weekends. WOOOOOOOOT!:smiley: :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: :):stuck_out_tongue:

PS: HArd to believe, but NO VIDEO THIS TIME!!! I think that’s a first for me haha!

Once again, thanks for that ride. It was an extreme blast!!!

Yeah same here it was fun! Both you guys did great and let me know then next time you’re down this way so we can do some muni again. Stay warm there in Chicago!