Great Glen unicycle fundraiser

Hi everyone,

I’m relatively new to unicycling but have been training hard over the last months because in a few weeks I’m doing a 118km ride along the Great Glen Way in Scotland to raise money for Cancer Research UK in memory of my dad. I’m doing this with my friend, and it’s a huge challenge for both of us as we hadn’t ever done any long distance rides before we decided to do this so we’ve had to improve fast!

Our JustGiving page is here if anyone wants to see any more about what we’re doing: (we would be so so grateful for any donations you would be able to give too, we really just want to raise as much as we possibly can!)

I also wanted to ask if anyone has any tips about how best we should be preparing for this…? Like what is the absolutely essential kit we need to be taking? Sorry if that’s a stupid question, we’ve never done anything like this before but really want to make sure we are as prepared as possible!

Thank you!

Good luck gemsha. keep us posted about your ride…and have fun :slight_smile:

It appears to me that you are intending to ride this distance on relatively small wheels…24 or 29?.. and also you are interested in ‘essential’ kit’ for the attempt. So I guess you are intending to do this journey over more than one day. I say, take it easy… you will pick up lots of moral support en route that will also further your cause. Unless you are riding 36er’s and intend to complete the distance in much less time.

Knowing the Scotish highlands I think, whatever your strategy, you will generate a tremendous public relations excercise that will probably give you an opportunity to promote your ‘Justgiving’ cause.

If I was riding that distance on less than a 36 I would probably book into a hotel for one night… but that’s just me. I would say you have to remember your attempt as pleasant for yourselves as much as what it was achieving for the memory of your lost ones.

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