Great flatland area

This place is great when it isnt’ crowded, good for just riding around and doing flatland, but when its crowded its a really bad place…


Is that uni a gasp Torker CX?

My favourite place for riding when it rains or so is the top floor in paring houses… not a car around, it’s warm, roof over my head and a pretty area good for anything!

You anti torker?

No, I’m anti-crappy unicycle. And the Torker CX fits that description VERY well. Nothing against you, just your uni. Get an LX, they’re WAY better.


Tyler I rode a CX and I know you did too. They are great quality unicycles for the price and perfect for learning. Maybe some people can’t afford better uni’s. You aren’t some kind of uni expert nor am I so you really don’t have the judgement to make that kinda call. Maybe you can climb down off your high horse.

That does look like a very good flatland place. Good for hockey too if you like it. Is it built specifically for street hockey? That’d be sweet.

ya well i just ride wherever and havent rode in at least half a year :roll_eyes:

I love the Torker CX EXCEPT for the seat. the seat bites. it’s more comfortable sitting on the seatpost. not really, but you know.

that place does look awesome, there’s one or two good spots around here but they’re all on asphalt or cement, none are so smooth like that.

Thanks darchibald, lol yeah I can’t afford much, thats why I got the CX, it seems okay to me, but I haven’t road anything else so I am not one to compare, Yeah that place is a hockey rink, but I never see it in use so I took advantage of it and road around. I did noice the seat not to be great, but I can live with it. Once I come up with some more money maybe I will by a new uni, but for now I have this.


i do not understand what did i do that makes you angered? :thinking:


" :thinking: "