Great End Of Year Ride!

Before anybody asks: No I did not get any footage.
Well today I went on a really good ride to wrap up 2004. Using my new gloves and helmet :smiley: I went down to one of the near-by schools and started off doing the usual stuff, a few 5 - 7 stairs, some cool trials lines etc. Apart from bending my KH cranks and busting up my pedals (they hardly spin now) I was having a good time, I had landed some good lines/tricks/drops/stairs and ridden some good skinnies.
THEN I saw the ultimate skinny, its the kind of thing Andrew Carter would do blindfolded but I really wanted to give it a go. It was about 2 feet high, ROUND, and only 2.5cm (bit less than an inch) wide, it was less than half as wide as my tire, and did I mention round? :wink:
At first I just glanced at it and didn’t really consider it, but before I knew it I was up there trying to ride it, I also had to freemount it. So without really realising I spent a few hours trying this rail. In between I would practise my seat drops AND learnt to glide :smiley: which I was wrapped about because i’ve been wanting to for a while now. Anyway after going home to get more food and water, by the end of the day my record was about 4-5 meters on the rail :astonished: I was really happy with myself. Then I thought ‘hey, why not try a 360 unispin’. So I hopped on the grass, trying 360 unispin after 360 unipspin. Before I knew it I had another attempt, but this one was different, I found my feet ON the pedals!!! I even rode away and did TWO other 360 unispins which i rode away from and another two which i landed then hopped around and fell off. Im not sure but i think im the only person in NZ to have done this (or had Tony done one).
All in all, apart from kinda messing up my uni, I had a great ride. I learnt to glide, 360 unispin and rode an awesome skinny round rail. I was out for about 4 hours but it was a perfect way to end 2004. Plus i allready completed 2 of my New Years resolutions (glide, 360 unispin). Anyway congratulations if your still reading but i just needed to tell someone, it was a good day.

Re: Great End Of Year Ride!

I don’t think pictures are necessary, we all know the terrific feeling you had. Thanks for the story!

sounds awesome. not long ago i landed a 180 unispin and i thought that was cool. ive tried for a 360 but never even came close.


Cool ride. :slight_smile:
Tonight I’m going to uni to the football-field and watch the… rockets or whatever you call them. The best time of the year in a small village like mine!

U.S. would call them fireworks…

Nice one Pete- Happy New Year!

I spent my New Year countdown working :frowning:

That’s awesome Peter, congratulations. It’s funny when you’ve been trying one rail over and over then you look at your watch and realise you’ve been riding it for hours! Congratulations!


man, that does sound like a great ride!! Nice job on learning to glide, and 360 unispin, and riding the rail, and all that good stuff!

Today I decided to dismantle my uni and clean it all over because I gave it such a beating the other day. I also found that I had bent my seat post aswell as cranks and pedals, but not up the top where it attaches to the seat like most people do, but the actual post was bent :astonished:
Lucky enough I had a spare seat post that was actually better because it had tose anti-twist grooves in it… Anyway I took off the cranks, bearings etc, cleaned everything, re greased it, and put it back together with loctite on everything. I also put new pedals on (which was nice) and put the new seat post on (with a few nervous moments regarding spinning bolts on my KH seat).
In the end everything went REALY well, my unicycle looks like a different setup! So now everything is cleaner, tighter and all in all better. So I am a happy boy now.

Here in NZ we call them “forks”.

we do?

Yeah, we do!


Well, I might just go set off set my forks on fire then