Great Defense to use at a Unicycle Trial!

I was just reminded of a great Unicycling story that happened to my friend Kobi.

He was unicycling outside a mall and the security guard told him no bikes are allowed in the area. Kobi replied “This is not a bike.”

The guard said “Yes it is.”

Kobi then asked him “Can you ride a bike?”

The security guard answered “Off course.”

Kobi then asked him “Can you ride this?” While handing him the unicycle to demonstrate. Touche!

This would be an awesome defense for unicyclist stopped from riding where bikes are not allowed.

I love that!! ima try that next time at the skate park!

+1 to that. It’s always hard to get away with those smart-alec responses though… :stuck_out_tongue:

It might work in the culture of Israel, but I caution people against trying it with a security guard in America. His job is to enforce the rules as he understands them, but he doesn’t make the rules. Unless he responds with “Yes, I guess you’re right” you will probably lessen your chances to be able to ride there again.

It would work at a skate park though.

I used it and he let me in :smiley:

I have been kicked out of numerous places with the same comment “no bikes are allowed here”. Maybe this response would have gotten me off a couple of those times? Generally, though, I kind of doubt it here in these parts (the state of Ohio in the USA).

On the other hand, I have a nice list of places that I have been kicked out of and I am almost happy to get booted so I can add another chapter to my book!

I like this response. The problem is that usually I’m told “Foot traffic only.” Hard to fight that.

That’s hilarious.

What, does the guy think you don’t have any feet? :smiley: