Great Deal Roach look-alikes

Hi! I was searching some threads about leg armor and found where somebody said something about but I haven’t seen it posted about anywhere else.

There is some great deals there! They have Nuke Proof leg AND arm armor (a set) for only $49! It’s exactly like roach only a different name on it. And right now (they say their deals don’t last long) in the current specials they’ve got actual Roach (with Roach label) arm and leg armor (set) for only $59!

I’m gonna order some of the Nuke Proof sometime.

If you need armor you should probably snatch some up quick! Oh, and I emailed them and they said that Nuke Proof IS exactly like Roach and that shipping is $8, at least to here in Pennsylvania, but probably in all the Continental US.


Hi Nikki,
hope you have better luck with Airbomb than me. I ordered armour for them, first Roach and then when they said they were out of stock I went for any brand similar to Roach, and though the guys at Airbomb are really friendly they just could not deliver the goods.
I waited for six weeks and after a lot of phone calls and promises I just cancelled my order and went downtown and bought my Roach armour at a local bikeshop that was having a sale. Then I found that Airbomb had billed me even though I didn’t get the order… am still waiting to see if they put through a reversal on my Visa card…

Maybe this is just an isolated case … nevertheless, hope you have better luck.



Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I was looking into gettin some Nuke Proof AirBomb armor the Roach look alikes. I found out however that there is one key difference between the Roach stuff and the Airbomb. The fabric they use is not the same Ballistic Nylon that Roach used to make thier products extra durable, its still some abrasion resistant stuff, but just not as good. Cordoura Nylon or something if my memory is correct.

I ended up ordering some roach DS Leg armor a few weeks ago. Still havent gotten here yet. But I have a custom order so I’m not upset yet. The Shipping on the Roaches direct is going to be alot more than what you can get from a US company. I think it was like $17 US for me. Yeah Ouch.

Good luck on the Leg Armor.

was it a real Visa card or just a debt card that says Visa on it?if it was only a debt card your screwed,you have to fight your bank.

if it was a real Visa card its time for a nice (not nasty) letter to Air bomb telling them to charge back your card or you will have Visa do it and they can take it up with them.

BEWARE!! to all…those debt cards are not Visa’s.Visa only buys a little advertizing space on it.a debt card gives direct access to your bank account with no garrantys…

Good point Jagur.
My card is the ‘real’ Visa and I did call both Visa and Airbomb about this. Hopefully on my next statement all will be set right.

On the positive side, the Roach legs that I ended up getting from the bike shop in town are great. They provide fantastic protection and have been a nice cosy addition to my riding apparal for the cooler Fall weather.