great deal on childrens saddles

buy one at 19.00 get two free so they are only 6.34 a seat

is this a good deal?

they arent a very good seat, but tell ya what that is a freaking good deal if the seatpost is the right size for your uni

ive got one of those seats. they are pretty flexable at the front. it hurts your crouch after a while, like really bad. but for a beginner it will do fine, and yes that is a great deal for a seat like that.

Those seats, for me at least, are extremely good for SIF.

yea i have found that as well, probably becasue they are so light and small and give a really nice grip.

I saw these a long time ago and thought it was a good deal

what is SIF?

SIF, is abbreviation for Seat-In-front. It’s when you read with the seat in front of you, well you hold it with a hand, normally right near the middle of the seat, or a little near the back. Riding like this is great for trials, and jumping, cause you can tuck way more than you can with the seat in.

Search around for SIF, and seat in front, in the gallery, and youll see pics and videos of people riding SIF.

read / ride same thing. but yeah SIF is much better for trials and whats not, however there are people that are pretty good seat in that do trials.

Children do well with just 1 saddle(technically, I’m a child, right?Under 12, 13, 16, 18 and 21) or two(one for the uni, the other for the bike) so I don’t think that’s that much of a good deal…I’m confused!!!Besides, children just keep going and outgrow them, I don’t think you’re gonna need a lot of saddles, ae you?

i dont see how someone can outgrow a saddle.

but if you are a learner, or if you are in a uni club teaching new people to learn, and are running threw seats like pringles, than this is a good deal.

The same way you outgrow…your shoes!!And you remember when you were younger, your bike just became…too small for you and you needed a new bike, right?You grow taller and everything else seems to shrink!Right?You look at your old bike and you just go, “I used to fit in THAT tiny thing?!” or is it just me?I’m a little weird sometimes.My weirdness was being modest in that last sentence…