Great Day of Muni(PICTURES)

I went up to the White’s Creek loop today, it’s a total of 9.2 miles, but there are 10.5, 4.5, and 6 mile options as well. I did the 6 miles, since I had a limited amount of time, and my father wanted to hike along, so it took a bit longer.

However, the trail is a combination of rocky single track, with all sorts of woodsy obstacles to launch off of or do a little trials action on.

My father and I took pictures and video along the way, and I was able to gather a decent amount of pictures and video.

I have my pictures uploaded:


So check them out, and I’m compiling all of my video into a short film with some music.

My only real UPD of the day was doing a log ride, when I hopped off the log to the left, I landed ina super soft pile of pine-needles on the ground, making me lose all traction, fall onto my butt and shoot the muni out from under me. And I got it on video, so it’ll be in there too.

You’ve got a nice unicycle

Oh, and if anyone is in the area this Sunday, I’ll be riding the trail again, or if you’re ever in town, come ride with me.

Nice pics.

Hi, great pictures.
How is the muni, you used for this tour, called?
I think you can ride very quick with it, can’t you?

I envy you Catboy :frowning:

Did you do all 9.2 miles?

I’ll be doing th full 9 miles on Sunday, when I have more time. I had to work yesterday night, and had to be home in time to get cleaned up.

Beautiful looking country. Count your lucky stars you have that area in which to ride.