Great day for a ride!

It’s finally warm, and I went out to ride and practice in a local park. There were four skateboarders practicing about 150 yards away. After about 5 minutes they yelled “UNICYCLE!”

Later on, while I was riding on one of the paths, there was a guy in front of me walking a huge dog, going the same direction as I was. Knowing the whole “unicycles and dogs don’t mix” thing I was rather leary in passing him, but he saw me coming and walked his dog on the grass. As I passed him I said “thanks” and he said “anyone on one wheel deserves the right of way” I laughed…

Then about 30 minutes later, those same skateboarders came and talked to me. Two of them tried to ride. One guy couldn’t even get the wheel to stop rolling enough to get on, the other guy got about 1/2 rev before falling. I felt bad for them, because my seat post was way too low. Standard Miyata seat post, enough said.

All and all a great day!


Yup today was a great day practicing at the local high school… I got all kinds of encouragement from the 2nd and 3rd graders walking the track… “Good job!” “awesome” It really helps!

I rode through a big park for a couple hours yesterday. In it’s a little league baseball field, and I didn’t get as much encouragement from the nine and ten year olds, but rather felt a little nervous. “Don’t fall!”

Re: Great day for a ride!

I rode in the park this evening, coming down on a trail. A guy on an
MTB coming up made way for me and commented “Wow, that’s even
difficult on a mountain bike”. Although I thought that was a bit
overstated, it felt good, on my street 24" Sem. I want to buy a setup
that’s better for MUni but maybe I start with 150 mm cranks (I have
125’s now).

Klaas Bil

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