Great Cycle Challenge 2023

Hi All
it is almost that time again, During the month of September the GCC is open for all riders. I am riding in it again this year. rather than asking for your $$ support, (although that would be great as well) I am asking for any of you that feel up to it to join in and take part in the challenge. you can join up Great Cycle Challenge USA here. If you would like to support my ride you can go to my profile here Great Cycle Challenge USA - Riders - ACE Jones
I joined a team this year and there are only 5 of us on unicycles, it would be great to see that number double or better so get out there and show your support

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I’ve had a hard time signing up, tried several times with no luck🤕
I do want to sign up as September is my b-day
month. How did it go for others?

Did you get signed up, if not let me know and we can walk through it and see what is going wrong.

just one more week and the challenge begins. I was hoping to get a few others to jump in there. we have a unicyclist on the team that lives in HI and last year he rode 1200 miles during the month of Sep. :astonished: I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been. Yesterday was Tribute Day and I had my picture shown on a billboard in Time Square

Thought that was pretty cool


Just wanted to give an update after the first weekend of the challenge. Thanks to all the Wonderful people, as of this morning I have 1,120.00 in donations. I rode 17 miles Friday and another 21 Yesterday morning. For me both of those days were my farthest rides to date. here are a couple pictures from those rides


Just a quick note, after my 3rd ride I am at 55.6 miles, so I have raised my goal to 100 miles :grinning:
NOTE Wednesday is MATCH Day, any donations given on Wednesday will be matched by Corp. sponsors of the GCC

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(Sold) Special offer, I have a 29 UDC trainer in good condition, it is pretty much stock other than I installed 140MM cranks. I will put the original tire and seat back on it for the transaction
I’m offering it to anyone willing to donate 50.00 to my challenge here. You will have to pay for shipping but I will throw in an extra set of pedals and seat with it. So if anyone is looking to move up to a good 29 trainer here is your chance.

here is a picture of it as of yesterday when I rode it for 7 miles after work.

I rode a short 7 miles Friday to bring me to my 100 mile goal. I’m not done yet, still have 6 more days to get some more miles in. With the help of all the Wonderful people that have donated so far I am a little over my goal at 1,554.00 but hoping for a little more in this last week.