Great Comment

Sorry to start one of these up again, but this one is too good.

I was Muni-ing at Fountainhead park this weekend. There were some hardcore mountain biking type guys stopped at a fork in the trail looking at a map. Luckily, this was one of my better moments that day as I passed them.

A couple of the hardcore bike guys yelled out a some “wows” and “hey that’s impressive”. And then one guy said “Dude, you are a sexual tyrannosaurus.”

I like that one.

Re: Great Comment


I like how you don’t actually come out and admit that you said this about yourself, you leave it vague, as if it could have been somebody else that said it. “And then one guy said …” … very clever.



Heh heh heh!

These ‘comment’ threads are some of my favourite. Keep 'em coming

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