Great comment from a biker

While riding the Roger the Coker thru the park a few days ago, a biker
wearing a helmet spotted me and my helmet. He observed: “Hmmm. Two wheels,
one helmet. One wheel… shouldn’t you have TWO helmets!”

I like that one.


Co-founder, Unatics of NY
1st Sunday / 3rd Saturday
@ Central Park Bandshell
1:30 start time after 11/1/01

where would you put the other helmet?? :thinking:

Dangerous question, my dear Jess. For you see, my answer would have to be “in his pants.” The other helmet would protect the head men usually think with.
-David Kaplan
Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

woah! Sorry I asked lol.


u r xcused

that question deserved that answer david
all is well
kewl comment!
unusual to meet a biker who can do maths
u didn’t explain the level 11 phenomenon to him?
his comment may make even more sense with that taken into account