Great cheap bc on danscomp.

The link

Its a “scratch & dent” which means there is a tiny little ding or flaw in it, but nothing major. Its only $95 bucks, its the strongest a wheel like that is going to get. It has red nipples also, thats gota look pimp.

Alex Supra J rim… aren’t those heavy? Triple wall if I recall…

doesnt matter, maybe a couple more .oz’s more than any other rim, strong as hell though.

I was thinking of the Supra E… 30 oz compared to most rims at 15-20 oz.

Weight weenie.

Anyways, looks like a great deal. If I didnt buy my camera today, I would of probably ordered this. Need a good wheel for a BC. =p

I might build up a BC wheel… need to make some plates first.

I kind of want to try a 24"… but I’m not sure…

If I go 24", it will be a DX32 and a Hookwork or Hoggy-G.

If it’s a 20" I will use the wheel I already have, Alex Y22 with the Primo Comet.

Right… if I don’t want to BC… more money in the Unicycle or Bike.

You don’t want to use a wide tire on large wheel, your knees are closer together than your shins. Plus its not needed.

26" Large Marge with an Endomorph!

HAHAHA That would be a sweet BC…You could do anything on a monster like that!

I should make one, just because nobody has.

Get the XC Large Marge (For less weight)… Radial laced with red spokes, on a low flange hub, Odyssey Hazard or Mosh hub.

Evan made a 26" with a maxxis holy roller…and a disc brake. I hated that thing. Why would you radial lace it? Thats weaker.

Because I think it looks cool, and I highly doubt it’s going to be noticeably weaker for a rider of 150 pounds like myself…

personally I think it looks stupid. and It’s way weaker.

A radial lacing has the highest lateral strength of any lacing pattern.

I guess that means its weak, huh guys? :roll_eyes:

Yeah, some people don’t know what they’re talking about.

Lots of bike trials rider use pure radial on the front wheel, obviously it’s not weak. A trial bike takes tons more force from drops on the front wheel than any BC wheel is ever going to take without seriously endangering your life.

Radial lacing does have its downsides, just like all lacing patterns, but is a nice, durable, light build. =p

I also like how it looks too. A lot better than 3-4 cross.

Not even close to true. 90% of the force is taken in the rear wheel. This is why they can get away with radial lacing, cross lacing is not needed. They also use single wall, drilled rims in the front. A bc is all your weight centered over it, Thats a lot of force.

I like 3 leading 3 trailing too.

The only situation I see radial as being weak, is when you run it on a drive wheel, or with disc brakes.

Yeah true… but I don’t see anyone doing 5 foot drops on a BC Wheel. With maybe a couple exceptions… but I seriously doubt I would want to drop a drop bigger than two or three feet on a BC, hell, highest drop I have done on my Unicycle is probably two feet.

It has been done though.

Thanks for quoting the sentence fragment after that… :roll_eyes: <- There, a “Smilie” just for you.