great big bag

In case anyone else is trying to get unicycles around while travelling to places, I’ve got a handy tip.

Army Surplus shops sell great big canvas duffel / duffle bags, which are big enough to fit a 26" muni with a gazz, with seat removed but pedals on and the top closes up so you can’t see what’s inside. Take the pedals off and it becomes nicer to carry if you’re not in a hurry to put it in the bag. It’s just a big canvas sack with a rope to close it, so folds up into something that fits in / on the back of a camelbak if need be.

I’d been looking for something like this for a bit, but the only things I’d seen were at climbing shops for £100+, the best thing about this is that it was £15.

If you’re looking for somewhere selling them, they’re called 5ft x 2.5ft or 4ftx2.5ft duffle bags.

So, anyone wanting to stealthify their uni for public transport, this is what you need.


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and/or get some of these , courtesy of glutes (anybody heard of him?)


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Dave, you ol’ archivist, you!

oops! just posted new thread instead of reply :roll_eyes:

My bro had one of those bags and it was huuge, you could fit silly amounts into it! he used to take it camping.

i might get one for my unis, both 20" so hopefully they’ll fit.


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yeah, i’ve never believed in big government