Great balls of fire!

If you could get a fireball, 24 x 3, for cheap, how would you use it?

The results of a search on ‘fireball’ suggested that some people felt it was too slick for off road…in that department the conclusion seemed to be that the Gazz ruled. And then some went on to say that if it weren’t for the cost the Fireball would make a cushy cruising road urban riding tire. So if cost wasn’t an issue then, how would you use a Fireball?

I would fit it on my unicycle and ride it all around in my home town and look really cool. Or I would cruise down to the beach and have an icecream with chocolate on it.


The best place for a Fireball is the back of a chopper bicycle…

Max had two on his wheel chair at the 2003 NAUCC
but has since disassembled it.
Too bad as Dan Heaton could have used that last summer.


Re: Great balls of fire!

I’d hang it on a peg in my garage thinking that some day I’d get around to putting it on a wheel. Then I’d never get around to it. Eventually someone would post a thread asking what I’d do with it which would give me a chance to offer it for sale.

Fireballs are good for looking at…

i have a fireball i have used it in place of my Gazz on my muni. originally when i had the muni wheel built i put the fireball on it to ride on the street and ended up riding it more in the snow for a while it wasnt too bad actually. since i swaped it for the gaz though i decided it will stay off the muni, mostly cause getitng the gaz off and on is a nightmare so the gaz stays on!

the tire is cushy its fun in the gym and on snow because it is so square, it really is a nice beach cruising type tire.

aside form the paper thin sidewalls you dont get a cooler looking tire then the dyno fireball and its white glassic car lettering on the side.

I have a fireball. I stupidly traded a like new gazz for it, althoug the gazz was free. I used it for my commuter uni/basketball uni. I haven’t used my commuter wheel in over 6 months, so now my fireball is used in about the same way as Tom’s. I may sell the whole wheel someday… Right now it just plays the part of a super smoothe ultimate wheel.

I used to use that wheel for light trials and muni, which I would inevitably find while riding around the city. It has fine grip, but the sidewalls suck. I really loved riding through puddles and leaving the nice track.

whats a fire ball? :thinking:

Re: Re: Great balls of fire!

Hey, I have a bunch of tires (and parts) like that! No Fireballs, but a rack of old tires, rims and other stuff waiting to be built into projects, some I’ve had for 20 years and more. Maybe it’s time for a “fire sale…”

Anybody want some old Schwinn whitewalls? (too bad, I’m keeping those) How about a pink 20" whitewall? Or a red 20" tire? Or a couple of green 26" mountain bike tires? Old Miyata rims? Brand new alloy 20" rim that still has the paper wrapping on it (but it’s over 20 years old)? :smiley:

a pink whitewall you say? … hmmm.

Wow, not too keen on the Fireball, are we? Well, it was just a thought as a local uni yard sale has some of them for a good price. But maybe even if they were free they wouldn’t work well on a uni. :frowning:

i still like the fireball. my only compliant is the paper side walls.

i still like the fireball. my only compliant is the paper side walls.

…apparently the older generation Fireballs had more skookum sidewalls…:slight_smile:

How much for the pink 20" whitewall?