Great Article in the Denver Post today (Aspenmike)

There was an awesome article in the denver post today(wait mighta been rocky mtn. news or some other paper…hmm) about Aspenmike!
Just wanted to say good job to Mike for getting such a great article in the paper, it really pushed that we are not clowns or a circus act. But rather an extreme sport. And i know lots of people saw it, because the reason I even saw it was cause one of my cyclocross buddies showed me it.

I dont know where to find it online(or if it even is) and i dont have a scanner. So hopefully Mike can get something up on here about it.

See if that works.
They came and found me in Aspen for this article. A local school, CRMS, has a MUni team now, so they covered their story as well. The photog and I had a blast rippin in the snow, he was on his single speed 29er. I am very appreciative of the nice quotes said by others about me, and the story in general. It is a feel good piece about unicycling, with a couple of sweet photo’s to show it off. Peace.

That’s one of the best articles on unicycling I’ve ever read. Mike, kudos to you for the inspiration and massive bar you set for the sport. It gives junior distance riders like me something to shoot for, and helps educate the populace that what we’re doing requires both skill and athleticism.


Junior distance rider, yeah right Tom. Your the man, you kick ass! Glad you liked the article, I to thought it was a good unicycle article. Cheers

Here is a pic from the Moab Century Tour that the author talks about in the first paragraph.

Awesome article! Congratulation Mike you monster.


I also liked the video at the bottom of the article.

Mike, where can i find the article about the CRMS MUni team?

P.S. The freind who showed me the article recognized you from the Bob Cook memorial hill climb, not because of the uni, but because of your amazing moustache haha.

Mike is that the Kris Holm 36" Frame you’ve got on there?

if so, wow!

When I got to work this morning, someone had left that great article on my desk. Great way to start the day!

I know you weren’t asking me, but since I know the answer and have the same frame, it’s a GB4 36" frame, made by George Barnes. And the wow still applies…it’s a great frame.

thanks tom.


thats a very nice frame

I should have included this link to my GB4 36 gallery. The first several shots are from the day my uni arrived in the mail, and show the frame both before adding the wheel and just after. There’s also a shot of john_childs 36-er, which is also a GB4 frame. JC is from the Henry Ford school of unicycling…he’ll buy any color available, as long as it’s black.

I got bored with photographing my computer after Mile 1000, but I’m now at 2,606. Zero maintenance except tire replacement and magura bleeding.


i bet that wasnt cheap.

if you dont mind me asking, what did that whole setup cost?

im gunna get a coker next and that one looks like my soul-mate