Great Ankle Guards

Well today I got struck right in the ankle with the pedal pins and it ripped my sock but i was saved by my ankle support which it didnt even make a scratch on and it supported my ankle haha. So yeh i think ill use them, all i need is one for the other ankle.


Sweet so you will now be doing more street then, eh? Great to see you got what you needed.


She’s Nubs!

I bought some crappy soccer shinpads from Walmart for $15 CDN and then ripped off the plastic shin parts. What i was left with was elastic ankle-foot booties that contained little, plastic cones to cover my ankle bones on both sides. They’ve been cut up a bit since, but they’re still pretty sweet and have saved me a pile of times from my lame-ass old KH crank nubs.

Speaking of nubs, if anyone hasn’t heard “She’s Nubs” by NoFX, oh man, you’re in for a treat. hahahaha! How does she get in and out of tubs??